Look Who’s Teaching at Photoshop World in Vegas! Oh Yeah!!!!

That’s right baby, for the first time ever it’s one of the leading automotive photographers in the world, and my vote for the best automotive photography teacher on the planet, the one and only Tim Wallace. 

Oh yeah! He’s coming to Vegas from the UK, and he’s doing a live car shoot class, a session on Photoshop retouching for car and product photography, and a business class (he is one heck of a businessman, too!).

We are so excited to have Tim teaching for us in Vegas this September at Photoshop World. If you’re going, even if you have never taken a car shot, you gotta check out at least one of Tim’s sessions. If you’re not going, why the heck not! Get your ticket right here and come to Vegas and spend three days that will supercharge your career!

Above: That’s Tim and me when he was in town taping some classes for KelbyOne. 

By the way, we have some other very cool new instructors teaching for their first time with us in Vegas, but I’ll reveal those another day, but I just had to share this news about Tim since he’s one of my heroes of photography.

Spin the Reels — I bet you get something (wink).

Have a great Tuesday, and here’s to learning from the best instructors on the planet! :)


P.S. Here’s a link where you can download a PDF of the brochure and class schedule for the Photoshop World Conference in Vegas. Ya know, just in case. ;-)

  1. Hey buddy thanks!
    Amazing to wake up this morning and read this :)
    Can’t wait to get to Vegas and be part of this awesome event, so many things to share and so many great people to meet

  2. I do hope these classes can be recorded for KelbyOne. As much as I would love to make it to PSW, it’s just not fiscally possible for me to make the trek from Alabama. I am a HUGE fan of Tim’s and would love to at least be able to view the classes online after the convention.

  3. I wish Tim had been at Atlanta this year. I was excited to see his name and a live car shoot on the initial schedule that was released for Atlanta, but something must have fell through. His name and class were removed on subsequent schedules. Great to see he’s coming to Vegas, though. His classes on KelbyOne are excellent! Anyone going to Vegas should definitely pencil in his classes on their schedule. Wait, lose the pencil, get the PSW app instead! :-)


    1. Hey John: Tim had a scheduling conflict that we couldn’t get around (everybody wants Tim to shoot their cars), but we planned in advance enough that he could clear everything out. I’m really excited!!!

  4. Hey Scott,
    You are right as to If you’re not going why the heck not. For the first time in 5 years I can’t make it and I’m bummed like you wouldn’t believe. We have lost 50% of our lab staff and I don’t have coverage. Students come first. I’ll be there in spirit though! Plus, there is always next year!
    Hope to see you soon!

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