Meet "RC": The New Photoshop Guru In Town!


I’m excited to introduce you to the "new kid in town," and the latest addition to NAPP's in-house team of Photoshop gurus, Rafael Concepcion (he prefers to go by just "RC").

We first met RC a couple of years ago at Photoshop World Miami during a preconference workshop based on the TV Show "So you think you can dance?" called "So you think you can teach Photoshop?" This pre-con was designed for Photoshop instructors, and besides teaching NAPP criteria for becoming a Photoshop World instructor, each student would give a 10-minute presentation in front of the class and each session would be critiqued by the instructors (Matt, Dave, and myself). Then, at the end of the day the class would choose the best instructor, and that instructor would then get to teach a 30-minute session in the NAPP theater on the Expo floor.

Well, RC won the competition in a unanimous vote, but it was his live Expo floor session that caught our attention. He was doing such a great job, that the moderator for that class was grabbing staffers off the floor to come and see this guy in action—he was that good! Since then we’ve been talking on and off to RC and when it was time to add another Photoshop expert to our team, his abilities, and his personality, were a perfect fit for our team and we’re just tickled to have him on board.

He was based in Long Island, New York and he’s in process of relocating to our Tampa, Florida home base (apparently this is a natural move for New Yorkers and didn’t phase him in the least), and we hope you’ll help welcome RC into our NAPP family (feel free to leave him any comments here on the blog). Also, we introduce RC on this week’s show, and on next week’s episode he’s showing a cool trick using Photoshop CS3 Extended.

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