Wednesday News Update!

Before we get into the main news, at the absolute insistence of my wife I have to include this first:

>> Yesterday my publisher (Peachpit Press and Pearson Education), announced that for the third straight year I am #1 bestselling author of computer and technology books across all categories (according to Nielson Bookscan data for the calendar year 2006). You can read the full press release here (which will make my wife very happy).

Now, onto the news:

  • Panos FX has released “Analysis” another way cool set of 10 Photoshop Special Effects Actions (my hats off to Greece-based Photoshop expert Panos Efstathiadis, who continues to amaze me with the incredible stuff he comes up with). Here’s how he describes his latest set: “They break down an image into a number of elements such as book pages, individual photos, filmstrips, stripes, and more. At the end the original image is presented as a combination of these elements.” You get all 10 effects for (plus variations of each) for only $9.99 (about a buck a piece, which is a bargain). Check them out at
  • Our man Matt Kloskowski is profiled this week over at Jason Moore’s excellent Photography and Photoshop blog. Click here to learn more about “the man behind the Houseski.”
  •  Seth Resnick’s acclaimed (and consistently sold-out) D-65 workshop is coming to San Diego on 10-13, 2007, and if you move quick, you can snag one of the few remaing seats for “Digital Workflow, Not Workslow: Accelerate & Automate Your Workflow.” Seth is a brilliant teacher (I got to sit in on one of his sessions last year, and not only was I impressed with his skills as an instructor—I learn a ton!). Here’s a link to his workshop schedule for the rest of 2007.
  • Fascinating article in the LA Times, from Lou Dolinar called “Turn Throwaways into Keepers with Lightroom.” If you’re curious about Lightroom, make sure you read this.
  • It’s stuff like this that makes me want to write more books.

More news as it develops (please note the lame use of the word Develop. It wasn’t funny, but it’s all I’ve got). I’m going into my Wednesday meeting—have a great day everybody! :-)

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