Michael Tapes for President!


I gotta tell ya, people are lovin’ that free “Instant JPEG from Raw” utility Michael Tapes and Imagenomic created! Look at some of these comments posted by readers on Wednesday:

  • “Works fantastic, Now I can shoot just in RAW instead of RAW+JPEG and get more pictures on the cards. It makes life alot easier and I can hand out the smaller sized JPEG´s much faster. Thanks for a great tool!”
  • “Great program and it works so fast that I thought it was NOT working. You made my day.”
  • “THANK YOU!!! you've literally saved me! “
  • “Wonderful! Literally dropped my jaw after the first extract. I've already processed about 20 directories. THANK YOU!”
  • “It works just fantastic!. The clearest jpegs I have seen after first shooting in raw, and then converting them.”
  • “Wow, this is really useful! Big thanks Michael and Scott. I was exporting 600 RAW files the other night after a rugby tournament I shot and it was painful waiting 2 hours for them to turn to jpgs.”
  • “This utility is a boone. Thank you very much indeed for it! “
  • “It's amazing. No more RAW+JPG!”
  • “Michael-thanks for giving back to the photo community. As an aside, the program works with DNGs. Nice work!”
  • “â¦thank you for a great little utility!! Very quick and effective!!”
  • "Adobe's PS development group have done a great job for CS4 and Michael Tapes has done a great, great, great â¦â¦.great job for photographers, that too at free of cost and he deserves all credit and best wishes for making our lives so enjoyable in this profession."
  • “Thank You so much, it's awesome!!!!”
  • “I think this utility should be licensed by the camera manufacturers and adobe, implemented in the software that comes with the camera and/or Lightroom and Photoshop, and the RAW+jpg setting should simply disappear from cameras forever. Thanks so much for posting this. This is truly fantastic!”

Michael, if you were running, I’d vote for you! My thanks once again for doing something so cool and useful for our community! :-)

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