Before we jump right in; today I’m on my way up to Washington, DC for this year’s last stop of my “Photoshop CS3 Power Tour” seminar (which is tomorrow at the Washington DC Convention Center). If you’d like to join me tomorrow (and around 750 of my new best friends), you can sign up at (it’s $99 for the full day, and only $79 for NAPP members).

Now, onto the news:

  • Photoshop Hall of Famer Eddie Tapp is offering a unique training opportunity at the Institute of Visual Arts, in Oahu, Hawaii, where he’s doing a two-day intensive Photoshop CS3 workshop. The details are right here.
  • David Ziser has an interesting debate (you can hear the can of worms being opened), called “JPEG or Raw: One of three religious arguments in the digital world”. It’s worth checking out (by the way; David has one of the best and most active photography blogs out there. Just the right mix of technqiue, news, and opinion). Here’s the link.
  • Terry White got one of the first Nikon D300s to ship; check out his first impressions over at his tech blog (click here).

Well, I’ve got to head to the airport. I hope to see you tomorrow in DC. Have a great Monday everybody! :)

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