Monday News Quickies

It’s Photoshop World week, so I can’t be sure if we’ll have a “No Blogging Tuesday” or “No Blogging Wednesday,” but for now, we’ve got some Monday news quickies. Here ya go:

  • If you’re coming to Photoshop World this week in Vegas; bring your favorite high-res image over to the Epson booth, and they’ll print it for you on any of their printers (your choice), and you get to keep the print. Sweet!
  • I just got my copy of David duChemin’s new limited edition coffee table phtography book, “The Pixelated Image” and it’s just absolutely wonderful. He’s got some just fascinating images, and the book is beautifully done (it’s a collector’s edition type of book). Check it out right here.
  • On the heel of my “shooting the Bears from the sidelines” story from last week, George Stark posted a comment with a great link to a Seattle Times blog about Football photography. Really great stuff, with some great examples of what you can do with a 200mm lens. If you’re into this stuff; you’ll love it. Here’s the link.
  • The Blog Critics posted a review of my book, “The Photoshop Channels Book”, and it’s probably the most in-depth review of the book done by anybody. Click here to give it a quick read.
  • I just got the new Wedding Pro Flash Bracket from Really Right Stuff, and it is surprisingly light, surprisingly sturdy, and really brilliantly designed. I’m using a Stoffen OmniBounce with an SB-800 flash as part of my wedding gear, and this bracket lets you flip from horizontal to vertical shooting in about 2 seconds flat, while keeping the flash upright (yet off the camera).I just got this puppy on Friday, so I haven’t had a chance to field test it yet, but I was so impressed with it’s design, that I wanted give a shout out to Really Right Stuff, because it so nice to find a company whose stuff is absolutely first rate from top to bottom. Way to go!

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll be at Photoshop World, hopefully with some sort of report on something. I can’t wait. I’m psyched! Have a kick butt Monday everybody!!! :-)

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