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Hi everybody. It’s Monday, here’s what’s up!

Lesson One: Don’t Let McNally Hold Your Camera
This past weekend, my wife and I flew up to New York City to spend a few days with Joe McNally and his wonderful wife Anne, and we just had an absolute blast!!!! They took us to Broadway shows; unbelievable restaurants; we went shopping everywhere, and it seemed like we were laughing or giggling for three straight days—it just rocked! But an odd thing happened along the way. At some point, I had to run into the hotel to grab a jacket and I asked Joe to hold my camera for a minute. It wasn’t until the later that night, after shooting shots of Manhattan from across the Brooklyn Bridge, that I actually started looking through my shots, and that’s when I ran across the images you see above—ones that Joe had taken of himself while supposedly watching my camera for me. I just started cracking up (I also learned a valuable lesson—if you let Joe hold your camera while your back is turned, he’s going to get seriously loopy). Thanks Joe and Annie for a weekend we’ll never forget! (and some really beautiful self portraits). ;-)

Check out this Very Clever Photography Project
I got an email from one of my readers, Dan Francis, about a project he has been working on that is just so darn clever (I wish I had thought of it). He lives in Fargo, North Dakota and has studied old historical photos of the city from the late 1800s, and then took those same shots, from the same perspective and shooting angle as the original photographer. Then, in Photoshop, he has created a split-view to show a side-by-side of what the town originally looked like, and how it looks now. Anyway, it’s a very ingenious idea, and definitely worth checking out. Here’s a link to a video Dan did on YouTube about the project (Thanks Dan for sharing this with us).

Terry White’s Creative Suite Podcast hits it’s 300th Episode!
Congratulations to my buddy Terry White who hit a real milestone today as he releases the 300th episode of his top-rated Creative Suite Podcast. Here’s the link to check it out for yourself! (Way to go T!!!!). :-)

It’s not too late to enter our Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 kit giveaway
To kick off the new season of Photoshop User TV, we are giving away (courtesy of our friends at FJ Westcott), a Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 kit (complete with lightstand, softbox and carrying case). The contest ends next week, so if you want to enter, you can right here.

I loved Eric’s Guest Blog last Wednesday
I don’t know if you got a chance to read Eric Anderson’s Guest Blog last Wednesday, but I’d have to say it was one of my favorite guest posts of the year (and in a Guest Blog Wednesday year like we’re having—that’s saying something). Some of his comments really resonated with me (and with a lot of folks judging by the 50+ comments), and it really made me start thinking about my own photography, and I found it both inspiring, challenging, and very thoughtfully written. Thanks Eric for honoring us with your message and your photographs.

Great New Blog for Digital Photographers
Last week I mentioned Rick Sammon’s and Juan Pons new “Digital Photo Experience” podcast, and now concert photographer (and Photoshop World Instructor) Alan Hess has joined their team as a regular contributor. I just checked out their blog last week, and even though it’s new, it’s already packed with great info. Check it out right here.

Big Daddy Don Page interviewed
OK, his name isn’t really “Big Daddy” (I just borrowed that nickname from drag racer Don Garlits), but he’s a buddy of mine (you may remember me talking about him during my sidelines shoot at Louisiana Tech or while hanging out with him and Matt Lange during Photo Plus Expo in New York). Anyway, there’s a great online interview with Don, and if you’ve got a quick minute, it’s a good read. Here’s the link.

Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts On My Tiger Woods Photo Situation
When you guys post comments here on stories, I hope you already know that I always read them, because hearing from you is really important to me. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I read each and every one of the more than 220 comments you posted regarding Friday’s Tiger Woods photos story, and I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time, and for keeping everything so civil on a topic that has a lot of emotion behind it.

Syl Arena Kicks Off Flash Workshop for Canon Shooters
Friend of the blog Syl Arena, over at the blog, is kicking off a new 1-day off-camera flash tour designed for Canon shooters, using Canon Speedlights. Syl notes that this is the only independent Canon-specific program out there, so if you’re a Canon shooter and want to get up to speed fast on off-camera flash, this is the ticket! Here’s the link.

That’s it for today, folks.

I sincerely hope every one of you has an absolutely kick-butt Monday, that feels like a Friday. Hope to see you back here tomorrow.

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