Monday News Update

Hi gang: My writing load had derailed my plans for the blog this week (hopefully, I’ll get to do it next week, so I’ll still keep it under wraps), but in the meantime, here’s what’s going on this this morning.

  • Don’t know if you saw this, but Dave Cross is continuing his series called “Finish the Sentence” and I think it’s really interesting. Last week he had Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro “Finishing the Sentences” (Here’s the link).
  • If you’re looking for a way to hand-hold your shots for maximum steadiness, check out Joe McNally’s now famous “Da Grip” video, where he shows you a camera holding technique that’s pretty darn slick. The video’s already been watched more than 44,000 times on YouTube. Here’s the link.
  • Surprise of the week for me; a friend bought me as a gift an “Kindle,” which is their wireless ebook reader. I’ve never met an eBook reader I liked, which is why I was so impressed with the Kindle. It’s surprisingly good, much lighter and thinner than it looks, and you could even say it’s, “Very Apple-like” in everything from its packaging to its industrial design. For photography and Photoshop books, it still really needs to have color inline graphics, so it’s not ideal for these types of books (even though my Digital Photography book is available on Kindle), but overall it’s way better than I expected. There’s a video about Kindle right here.
  • My buddy Matt Kloskowski has released his “Lightroom 2 Power Session” DVD, which is designed to get Lightroom 1 users up to speed quick on Lightroom 2. You can find out all the details here (note: NAPP members get $15.00 off).
  • You can catch Bert Monroy’s Photoshop Creativity Tour in Sacramento, California on Tuesday, and Terry White’s InDesign Productivity Tour in Toronto, Canada on Friday the 10th. Here’s the details.

That’s it for this Monday morning. Have a good one!

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