Friday News Nuggets


Just a few quickies to round out the week:

  • First, thanks to Alan Hess, whose Guest Post this week rocked (no pun intended). I loved having such a different angle, and I thought he did a great job taking us “backstage” at a concert shoot. Thanks Alan!
  • Michael Tapes has launched a new blog over at, and he has a follow-up to the Guest Blog post he did last week covering his incredibly handy “Instant JPEG from Raw” free utility. Here’s the link.
  • Earlier this year I did a shot of our in-house Web Programmer Tommy Maloney’s pimped out Volvo, and Tommy entered the photo in a photography contest put on by IPD; a well-known company that sells custom Volvo performance gear and accessories, and son of gun—it won! Here’s the link, but the photo that won is shown above. Congrats Tommy! (P.S. Don’t race Tommy. It’s what you don’t see that matters!)
  • We released another “CS4” online class over at; this one from our own Dave Cross, who did an amazing class on “Creative Suite Integration” between Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Here’s the link. Also, we were out in the field filming new sessions with Wedding Master David Ziser this week, and we’re in post-production on some new classes from Joe McNally!
  • If you’re in the Orlando/Tampa, Florida area; I’m bringing my Lightroom 2 Tour one-day workshop to Orlando on Wednesday, Oct. 29th at the Orange County Convention Center, and I’ll hope you join me there. Also, my Dallas seminar is filling up fast (on the 27th), so if you’re planning on going—sign up now! Here’s the link with more details. Hope to see you in Orlando or Dallas! (P.S. I expect to be announcing another city next week!).
  • Speaking of Lightroom; I ran across two reviews of my new Lightroom 2 for Digital Photographers Book this week; one at the Benson Blog (link) and one at the Australian photo blog “Lightly Toasted” (here’s that link).

Have a great weekend everybody. I have something cool planned for next week, if all goes well, so we’ll see you back here on Monday! :)

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