More Free “Volume 3” Book Winners

During this past week, while finishing up my Volume 3 of “The Digital Photography Book,” I was able to finally go through the entire list of your suggestions for topics to include in the book (nearly 300) and not surprisingly, I found even more great ideas.

Well, ya know that means—-some more of you are going to get a free signed copy of my book, because your idea wound up getting covered in the new book. Here’s the names of the other readers who’ll be getting a free signed copy:

  • Alex Kess
  • Mark Celvin
  • Daniel Laflor
  • Rosario Mannino
  • Dwight Atterhol
  • MivillePhoto
  • Jeff Grandon
  • Lee Johansen
  • Mark Roberg

Thanks you guys—-you really made a difference, and the book is better because of your suggestions.

One interesting thing about this exercise: I was surprised at how many people listed that they wanted me to cover Photoshop or Elements or Lightroom workflow stuff in the book. Here’s the thing: I actually already have written books that do exactly that (here’s the Photoshop one, the Elements one, and the Lightroom one).

My “Digital Photography Book” series is really about the photography itself—about taking better photos—about how to use your camera—how to work with studio lighting, and off camera flash—stuff like that; not the post-processing that happens after the fact, so Photoshop or Lightroom editing workflows really aren’t appropriate and haven’t been covered in Vols. 1, Vol. 2, or in the upoming Vol. 3. But hey, at least I know books on post-processing workflow still have an eager audience.

One more thing: I’m expecting our in-house shipment of my new Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks Book any day now, and as soon as they arrive, I’ll be signing and sending out copies to those folks who helped me out with ideas for that book.

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