MPIX Launches New Totally Updated “MPIX 2.0”


Our friends at MPIX (the only photo lab we use a NAPP headquarters) just took the wraps of their totally redesigned site. I’ve just been through their redesigned site and it’s way more than just a new look. The new site is much more visual, even easier to use, has much more functionality all the way around, and it makes the process of uploading, managing, and buying prints just crazy easy. (It’s such a big improvement, they’re calling it MPIX 2.0. I think it’s more like 3.0, or at least MPIX CS3).

Anyway, they’ve got an online tour of the new site you can take, and on the last page they have this little slogan that so nails what they do, that I think it oughta be their official slogan, in huge letters, right on their home page! It reads:

“Shoot today. Upload tonight. We ship tomorrow.”

I thought that pretty much nailed it (If I were MPIX, I’d have that flying on a flag outside the building!). Anyway, if you haven’t checked out their new site, click here to jump over there (don’t forget to take the tour if you’re new to MPIX).

One last thing; One of things I use MPIX pretty often for, is sending large prints, or specialty prints like metallic or stretched canvas prints as gifts, delivered right to their door. I just sent my brother’s girlfriend a huge print, and a canvas just this week, shipped straight from MPIX to her house. They shipped them same day (because I got the order in early), and they ship everything packaged flat—not rolled up. I totally love that. Anyway, I can’t recommend them enough (and if you have any doubts, go read the comments photographers who use MPIX posted after I wrote about them back in March. Here’ the link).

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