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First, did David duChemin’s post rock yesterday or what??!!! Take a moment to read some of the comments people posted about it yesterday, and you can see how his words of advice resonated with and inspired so many photographers. Thank you David—that was awesome!

Now, onto the news:

  • Apparently the rumors of a Nikon D90 aren’t a rumor anymore, as USA Today ran a story on it last night. Apparently it has the larger 3inch LCD screen, 12 megapixels, LiveView, lower noise, built-in sensor cleaning, but the focus of the article was that it is the first DSLR that actually shoots video, too! Here’s a link to the USA Today article, and to Nikon USA’s info on the new D90 (which sells for $999 U.S.—body only).
  • Canon also has big news; they released their successor to the 40D, the new 15 megapixel Canon EOS 50D. I would tell you about it here, but just click on the comments and read Alessandro Rosa’s excellent news update on the features (Thanks, Alessandro!). :)
  • Most of the Worldwide PhotoWalk cities have picked their local winners, and now it’s up to me to choose the grand prize winner (hopefully by tomorrow). In the meantime, you’ve just got to check out some of the flickr groups from around the world to see some of the amazing shots taken during this event. There are just some flat out beautiful and intriguing shots!!! Here’s a link to the list of groups. Take a moment to check some out—it’ll make your day!
  • OK, it’s the week before Photoshop World, and I want to remind you of five things:
  1. It’s not too late to register, and we’d love to have you join us in Vegas next week (here’s the link)
  2. If you can’t make the full conference, don’t forget to come out for the Expo (which is open to the public for two days), and click here to get your free Expo pass.
  3. If you’re going to the party at The House of Blues, my band, “Big Electric Cat” will be playing a live set (see fake ticket above), so come prepared to dance and shake various and sundry body parts. Remember, “There ain’t no school like the old school!”
  4. I’m going to be doing a live demo of my “Westcott Scott Kelby Studio Kit” (which uses the Spiderlite TD-5s with the new brighter fluorescent bulbs), in the Westcott booth, and I’m doing a lighting demo at the B&H Photo booth as well (I should have times by tomorrow).
  5. I’ll be signing copies of my new just hot off the press “Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers” at the official NAPP bookstore, but there’s only a limited amount of copies available there, so I hope I get to sign one for you!
  • Sly Arena over at did a pretty cool post called “10 Tips for your first Photoshop World” (here’s the link), and my buddy Matt Kloskowski did a post called “The Insider’s Guide to Photoshop World” with some great advice for attendees on getting the most from the show (here’s that link).
  • One more bit of PhotoWalk news: here’s some final stats:
  1. We had 8.324 photographers register for local walks
  2. 47 Counties had participating cities
  3. 44 States in the US had photowalks
  4. For a total of 236 cities
  • Hey, where’s Joe McNally today? He’s out in Santa Fe, New Mexico on location with our video production crew taping another online class for Kelby Training. I cannot wait to see it! Also, this week we released another class from Photoshop World instructor and digital video guru Richard Harrington. This one’s called “Going Deeper Into Apple Motion.” Here’s the link.

OK, folks. That’s it for today. Have a “legendary” Thursday, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for some tasty Friday fish nuggets.

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