My Blogging Break


Hi everybody: I’m going to be doing a lot of catching up these next few weeks, and to do that I’m going to need to take a little break from writing the blog here every day. Of course, I wouldn’t leave you out in the cold, so I’ve asked the crew here to pitch in and help me out by writing daily posts for you guys starting here on Thursday.

Of course, each Wednesday we’ll have our guest blogger (and tomorrow we have a really great one), and then you’ll be hearing from Matt, Dave, Corey, RC, and Brad (and anybody else I can scam into taking a day for me).

They won’t be doing “Guest Blogs” per se (I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on them) so they’ll be doing the same type of news and commentary stuff I do here, so things should be pretty much like normal, except there will probably be far fewer typos and much better jokes. :)

I’m planning on being done with everything by Monday, May 10th, so I’ll see you guys then, but in the meantime, I’ve left you in good hands with my crew here (but you regulars make sure the trolls aren’t mean to them). Also, please don’t enjoy them so much that when I come back it’s a huge disappointment. :)

Have a great few weeks, be kind to the crew, and I’ll see you guys again soon!

P.S. Do my hands look a little too feminine in the shot above? (See, this is what I mean when I say the jokes will be better while I’m on break).

  1. Like Mike says, your insights will be missed, and all the best in getting caught up! If anyone can empathize with how demanding and time-consuming a blog can be it’s others in the blogosphere. That said, I know the demands on my time aren’t nearly as demanding as yours are on you, and yet you’ve maintained this site admirably over the last ten years (or is it 11, I’ve lost track). I’m surprised you don’t take breaks more often and have the crew help out periodically.

    Hats off for a well-deserved break, and trust me, the trolls don’t stand a chance! :)

  2. I thought those were RC’s hands :)

    Thanks for everything….looking forward to hearing from the crew too! You guys make a great team – and count you all a great blessing in how your freely share so much with us all (the tips, the videos, the news, the tutorials, and even the jokes)!!

  3. I like your blog, and find it amazing that you spend so much time here.
    We all know you have your family, and that you are a busy man.
    So my compliments, and a great thank you are in place here..

    Enjoy the break, and we see you again soon..
    We will watch at the store for you!

  4. Scott, enjoy the break from blogging – one less thing to worry about in the huge to-do list you no doubt have. Your caretaker bloggers have a high standard of postings (and humour) to live up to.
    Glad to see from the pic, that Blamo’s new moisturising hand cream product is working well for you ;-)

  5. Scott, have a great break from blogging. I hope you get caught up on your other work. I know we will be left in good hands with all the folks you have lined up to fill in. I look forward to seeing/reading you soon.

  6. “Do my hands look a little too feminine in the shot above?”

    It’s a well-known optical illusion, Scott, called the “Jazz Hands Effect.” When you wave your hands back and forth, as one does when doing jazz hands, your hands will appear much larger than they really are. Once your hands are at rest, they will appear “normal” again. ;-)

    I’d say “Enjoy the break, Scott” but I know it’s only a break from the blog and that somehow you’ll really be busier than your normal busy.

    Don’t worry though, I know with RC, Dave, Matt and Corey stepping in, we’ll be in good — and maybe larger — hands. ;-)

    Trev J.

  7. Argh! It will be like withdrawal, something like when the liquor store burns down. I will have to read Moose’s blog and even McNally’s.
    Enjoy your “slack” time. You have earned it.

  8. Will definitely miss your posts the next few weeks but I think you have left the blog in good hands. Maybe Corey could do a post about 3D effects in Photoshop. I’m trying to decide if I should go ahead and get CS5 Extended but trying to decide how I would use 3D effects since I mostly just do photo editting in Photoshop.

  9. I rarely post a comment, but I read your blog every day (don’t know how you do all you do) and I was at your Dallas/Arlington Photoshop Seminar – on the 2nd row : ). Kudos to you for knowing when you need a break and making it happen. I hope you manage to squeeze in some needed family and “me” time during your “break”. We will all miss you greatly but I know we will enjoy reading Brad, RC, Matt, Dave and Corey. (Hey, Brad, I met you at DLWS San Juan, WA. You were my “light stand”. That was such a great experience. I still don’t (know how to ) use my flash – but I have gels for it now.) Looking forward to hearing from all you guys. Scott, “see” you back here May 10th.

  10. Scott,
    It’s good to take breaks to concentrate on the job at hand. Good luck on your project.

    Also, I just wanted to say that as a recent discover of everything in the Kelby Konstellation (Kelby Training, NAPP, this blog, etc.) I am truly impressed at the quantity and quality of the content and instructors. You should be a proud guy of what you’ve accomplished and those guys and gals that have worked to make it happen.

    Kudos Kelby.


  11. Scott,
    I can see you need my help for your trip to Atlanta. My first quarter at Ga Tech I was housed in Smith Dorm, a short walk across the interstate on the North Ave. bridge to the Varsity. My first visit to the Varsity was in June 1956. I have extensive Varsity experience.
    Have a hamburger if you like; they are very good. But, what you really want is a Special Sandwich, Onion Rings. a Varsity Orange or two and finish with a fried pie. Repeat as necessary.
    Jim Thomas

    1. Jim, We have a similar iconic restaurant in Spartanburg called The Beacon. I just ate at the Varsity about 2 weeks ago while in Hotlanta for an aquarium visit. I missed the fried pie (will get next time). Your Smith Dorm sounds like Johnston Hall that I stayed in while at Clemson as a freshman. Go Tigers!!

  12. To paraphrase Schwartzenegger – you got girly-mahn finguhs…

    Enjoy your “break”, everyone needs one to refresh. You guys were probably burnin’ the midnight oil doing CS5 productions for the last month …

  13. Can’t wait until you are back! but it will be fun hearing from your crew. Have a good time while your gone, we’ll all be here, and anyone who is mean whill get it from us!!

  14. Any chance of getting Stephen Johnson as a guest blogger? I have taken two workshops from him and find him to be a wealth of information. He was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2003 and Photoshop still includes some of the things that he helped develop. It would be interesting to get his take on the transitions that Photoshop has gone through, especially with his strong feelings about the extent to which images should be modified. Anyway, I just thought I would make the suggestion.

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