I’m Bringing My Photoshop for Photographers Tour to Atlanta


I’m bringing my “Photoshop for Digital Photographers” Tour to Atlanta on Friday, May 28th and I hope you can join me for the day.

I haven’t been to Atlanta in a few years (well, with a seminar anyway. I fly Delta, so it seems like I’m in Atlanta every other week), so I’m really looking forward to coming to town (and sneaking over to The Varsity for a greasy burger).

We have limited seating, so if you want to come and learn all the latest stuff (I’ll be adding in some CS5 stuff along the way), you can sign up  for just $99 for the full day, including the step-by-step workbook (NAPP members come for only $79). Here’s the link with all the details.

Hope I’ll get to meet you in person in Atlanta.

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this seminar for months and I’ll be bringing some of my buddies from the Blue Ridge Mountain Photographers with me. See you in Atlanta!

  2. Aaaw.. I’m a Danish regular reader of your blog and have been stuck in Atlanta because of the vulcano after a conference for what seems like forever.

    I miss my 2-year old son like crazy.

    Yesterday I went out to Barns & Noble and bought the digital photography books i & II and Hotshoe diaries to numb the pain. FINALLY I am apparently going to Europe later today, and NOW you’ll be coming to Atlanta.. Couldn’t you push it forward and do the workshop today?. ;-) Or you could of course just do a workshop i Denmark..

    With fingers crossed for workshops and flights


      1. Jeff:
        I’ve come up to see you three times now, and you’ve never taken me to Flip. :)

        A guy apparently missing Flip

  3. First of, will you be coming by Pittsburgh? We don’t get that much out here (only one KT seminar in the last year that I know of).

    Secondly, while it is great that you are doing PS for photogs, one thing I have really wanted to see, both online at KT and in the seminars, are more classes geared towards the taking pictures end rather than the editing side. (The Moose Peterson and Joe McNally classes are good but very specialized.) I myself have far more trouble getting the shot than I do fixing it in post, and it would be really great if we could get some classes geared towards that helping us with that part of the process (somewhere other than PS world, where there seem to be plenty of workshops like this). As you always say, editing can’t un-crapnify a crappy shot.

    Elliot’s Made-Up-but-Linguistically-Correct Word of the Post: Crapnify – The act of making something crappy; Making something that was good crappy

  4. I have had my ticket to come to the seminar for a month now. i really cant wait. I have seen Dave Cross in Atlanta a couple of years ago. Now I get to see you. I really cant wait and hope by that time I have CS5.

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