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Last year, after my trip to Rome (where I led a local walk as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk), I did a live Webcast about the trip where I shared some of the spreads from the photo book I always create after a trip (here’s a link to that Webast), and while I posted that video here on my blog, I never actually shared the images here.

Well, since  then, I’ve fallen in love with the photographic story-telling site which was born for things like this (I first used them for sharing my favorite football shots of this season), and I was looking for another opportunity to use Exposure again, so I used it to tell my Rome story.

If you’ve got a quick minute, I hope you’ll check it out — here’s the link.

Here’s wishing you a warm, cozy Monday no matter how freezing cold it might be where you are. :)



  1. I was looking forward to check out your story but however it stops after the footnotes and then the footer of the site. No pictures besides the front cover though. I am checking the site on Google Chrome, Win7 right now.

  2. Terrific stuff, as always. Thanks for posting. Your night grocer scene knocks my socks off. Could you say a bit about how you shot and processed it? Did you ask the guy to hold still?

  3. Very nice shots but what a strange title as long as the cover picture (and the first shots) are made in Vatican and not in Rome!!! Vatican might be the smallest state in the world, but it’s still an independant state…

  4. Scott, stunning photography, really stunning! About exposure…..I recently started using squarespace to build my website and it seems like I can do the same thing by creating a page in squarespace and using a “stacked” gallery design. Given the simplicity of squarespace would I have a need for exposure? Is there something that makes exposure worthwhile for someone who is using squarespace? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for posting this. We have a trip to the Galapagos coming up in May and this will be a perfect way to tell the story of the islands and its inhabitants. Then we’re going to Rome (and Florence) in September and I already have the restaurant info posted into my calendar.

  6. I am really digging this type of storytelling display. It’s a great way to show lovely photos and provide a bit of info to go with them using beautiful type. Of course, now I want one of those desserts in the food section.

  7. I absolutely your your photo and travel photography Scott. Great pictures!! Thakns for the warm wishes,it will be -10 here with a windchill of -40 tomorrow. Time for a fire and editing some images :)

  8. The Italy photos are really well picked, and done. I’m over the moon with your post work style. (I guess that’s why I keep buying all these books and NAPP subs) ! I’m liking the Exposure site layout too. It did a lot for your sports shots on your original post with them.

    To think I took a bus line and 30 days from Northern Italy down to Palermo in 1987 and have zero to show for it.. This will be with you forever. I just gained 10 lbs..

    Oh. No pancakes there either.

  9. A small typo on the page “The flavors of Italy”.: “when we travel to Rome” should say “When he travels to Rome”, I believe. Very nice photos otherwise, I had a great time watching them (and reading the text, too :-)

  10. Hi Scott, this album was fascinating. I wish someday I’ll be your tour guide to travel to Iran and take these kind of awesome shots there, I’m sure you’ll love it!

  11. Scott, those were really STUNNING pictures of my Eternal City!! Hope you and your family enjoyed it. Do come back for more pictures (and food!) when there’s milder weather too (may and september are the best months when you can get the most out of Rome).

  12. I will visit Rome this year in June for some days and have already prepared a bit of my timetable! What I really would like to know is if it is allowed to take photos of this staircase inside the Sixtinian Chapel? I’re read that taking Images is forbidden or at least withour flash, but I’m not sure right now about how it’s really like?! Would really appreciate your help, Scott :)

  13. Scott – absolutely stunning pictures of Rome! Wow! How does one go about buying a print of that Vatican staircase? Seriously. I love that shot and I know it’s been shot to death, but I love the way you finished it off the best. Stunning work on that trip!

  14. I found your story via Google, as I am interested in Exposure. Your photos are so great, it’s hard to see the blog through the images! But I am impressed with the platform. I wonder if you have any suggestions for image selection or uploading–is there an ideal image size? I’m doing some charity work and thought might be ideal for telling a compelling story, but the images provided to me were taken on an iPhone…but in India so the colors sparkle. I wondered if you were uploading 4000px wide images or 1000px wide or if even recommends an ideal size for the edge-to-edge images, since I can find nothing on their site? Thanks so much. I’m just stunned by the depth in your images.

  15. Please scott i am planning to go to rome and was hopping to do the early tour to the vatican

    Can you give me the name of the tour company you tiok

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