Happy Friday everybody! Here’s a few quickies to take you into the weekend:

If Only This Software Actually Existed
I shared this wild video on social media yesterday, and was asking the question, “Is this software real?” Apparently, it’s not — it’s a music video with a message, but man do I love the on-screen interface, and what it does (well, theoretically) is amazing. Either way, the video had to be really challenging to make. Give it a quick look — it’ll totally blow your mind.

Dissolve: changing the playing field for stock video clips
I predict this is gonna blow up big time: it’s called “Dissolve” and it’s a very clever, super-low cost stock video footage service. They’re licensing HD video clips starting at an average of around $5 a clip, which is a game-changer price. It’s from one of the co-founders of istockphoto, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns into the next big thing. The video above does a clever job of explaining why you might want to license stock video in the first place. Here’s a link to their site, and their blog. Looks really interesting.

Matt’s Long Exposure Online Class is Getting Big Love!
I didn’t even do the class, and people are emailing me about how much they love it. Matt (Kloskowski) told me of all the classes he’s done at KelbyOne, this one has really just struck a chord with people on a level he never expected. If you’re a KelbyOne subscriber, you gotta go watch Matt’s class. Here’s the link.

Come spend the day with me in Tampa
My first seminar of the season is coming next month as my “Shoot Like a Pro” tour comes to Tampa, Florida. Hope you can come join me for the day. Here’s the link if you wanna come. :)

Count Your Blessings, Folks
This has nothing to do with Photography or photography, but if you take just a couple of minutes and watch this video clip, it will astound you (and seriously remind you count your blessings, and remind us to stop complaining about life’s little inconveniences). You’ll truly admire what this amazing man does for his family. I am speechless.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; try to stay warm, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Scott, don’t forget what I asked you about :)

  2. Dissolve only pay 30% on very low prices. Pond 5 pay 50% and let the producer set the price. Dissolve are contributing to the destruction of this industry, not changing it for the better.

    You do know people who buy your stuff are the artists that produce this material, right?

  3. Matt’s long exposure class rocked. When is part 2?

    • Part 2 will be when Matt explores and masters astrophotography. I suppose he could do a class on light painting too.

      • Probably won’t happen. Astro is hard to get great results from. Not sexy for the masses to talk about setting up equatorial mounts, running PHD, bahtinov screens, etc. but I’d renew my K1 if they had killer astro post processing classes.

  4. If Dissolve changes stock video, then YAY Images changes stock photos. Revolutionary low prices, in-browser editing and streaming technology. Interesting industry with lots of innovation!

  5. Dave Clayton - NAPPMEMBER UK

    Tete. What a man, husband and father. Awesome share Scott. Thank you. BBC always have amazing and inspiring documentaries.

  6. The retouching artist fixed the eyes but failed to correct the unequal nostrils. ;-)

  7. That retouch video was insane. Sadly the mass public will think it is that easy:)

    Matt’s class did rock. Tim Wallace always inspires to immediately try his ideas. I was equally affected by Matt’s excellent instruction and focus. His hints were priceless to include why not to forget the “eyepiece thingee”. I can’t wait to take his classes again at Photoshop World.

  8. Man, that is so cool! I wish to God a software like that existed to make plain looking women unrealistically pretty!!

  9. What is the condition of Light It? Should I expect more issues?

  10. That sort of video editing is only a few years in the future, I guess. Lightroom and Photoshop do that kind of magic (and more) on stills and a smart program can track movement and apply changes made to the first frame to all subsequent frames… Lightroom does apply changes to the next frames in a batch, all we need is to track movement frame to frame and apply changes to the elements that changed position as required. I would be surprised if someone doesn’t work on this right now.

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