My Lightroom 3 Tour Kicks Off in Ft. Lauderdale, then on to New York City


Well, it’s time to take the new show on the road! :-)  Today I’m officially announcing the kick off of my Lightroom 3 Live! Tour, and two more cities: Here’s the kick-off leg:

  • Monday, July 12th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Friday, July 16th Matt Kloskowski will take the tour to Boston, MA
  • Monday, July 19th I’m back with the tour in New York City

We’ve totally updated the tour to take advantage of Lightroom 3’s new features, and we’ve tweaked the whole tour to make your Lightroom workflow faster, easier and more fun than than ever.

I absolutely love teaching Lightroom live, because as an instructor you can literally see the light bulb going on with photographers who’ve been doing things the hard way, and once they see Lightroom live, they realize that not only is this the future, but they can see firsthand how it’s going to change and improve their workflow. It seriously is just a blast to teach.

Plus, Lightroom 3 fixes so many things that used to drive me (you, us, we) crazy, that I can’t wait to get out there and show off all the enhancements, fixes, and just smart stuff they added.

Here’s the link to sign up for one of those three cities (a bunch more cities to be announced real soon as Matt and I take the tour on the road).

  1. Scott,
    I noticed that you have a lot of upcoming seminars but I could not find one in the Tampa Bay. Are you guys considering do one in your hometown sometimes?

    1. I started using Lightroom after I’ve been using Aperture for a few years. I’m still not convinced that I’ve got to have it (Lightroom). There some organization and editing approaches I like in Aperture compared to Lightroom.

  2. I actually didn’t read this blog post, kind of like how I didn’t read your book. :) My boyfriend bought your Photoshop CS4 book and I was looking over it the other day while he was at work. Everything I know in Photoshop, I learned on my own. Naturally, I wanted to learn how to do that cool stuff, so I started reading the book. The first thing I read was the section “5 things to know before reading this book.” Then I flipped to chapter 1, and read your wonderful intro. I was laughing so much. So, instead of reading about Photoshop, I went through and read the intro to every chapter. I’ll read the rest later. You’re awesome. :D

  3. How about the Philadelphia market? I have already attended Joe McNally’s and also one of your seminars and it was money well spent !!! They were both held at the convention center downtown.
    Any plans possibly in the near future?

  4. Any chance of getting the lightroom tour to stop in Pittsburgh? Or must I gather up a car load and head for New York? It would be fantastic to see Scott himself there.

    I was an early lover of LR 1 and introduced all the photographers I know to it. One of them just surprised me with LR 3 for my birthday! No one better to learn it from than you Scott. :)

    Monica, I agree, I always go through Scott’s books reading the intros first having a good laugh.

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