My New Book: Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it (for Flash), is here! (at the lowest price you’ll ever find it)

It’s been a loooonnngggg wait, but it’s finally here – the all-new edition of one of my best-selling books of all time is back, and this time, the entire book – every shoot – is all done using off-camera flash (no studio strobes).

Best of all, last night, I did a “book chat” about the new book (where I did two live shoots with one of the models from the book), and my publisher gave some CRAZY deals (nearly 60% off) on my book: $20 for the print edition. $15 for the eBook and just $25 for both. That. Is. In. Sane! It’s only good for today (as far as I can tell), and here’s the link to get your copy.

Here’s how to the book works:

Each chapter starts with a Lightroom grid of shots from the shoot, and I circle the one we’re going to work on.
On the next two pages, you have an overhead shot, an explanation on the left, and a list of the equipment I used on the right page.
Then I show four behind-the-scenes shots: front, left, right, and behind so you can see everything. Most importantly, I included all the measurements for how far everything is from everything (including height).

Next, on the left page, are all the camera settings and the background or accessories used in the shoot. On the right page, we start editing Lightroom and retouching, starting with the raw out-of-camera shot.
More retouching, including all the new portrait Masking AI stuff in Lightroom and Camera Raw.
More retouching in Lightroom and then when we need to, we jump over to Photoshop.
In this instance, I liked the body position from one photo, but his facial expression from another, so we did a swap.
More retouching and editing and stuff (whatever it takes to get us to the final image).
We take it all the way to the final image.

That’s how each chapter goes. Some are done indoors, like the shot you just saw, or headshots or fashion or beauty, and some are on location (like a bride in a church), and some are outdoors, but all of them use the same format where you see everything from beginning to end.

This is the best deal I think you’ll ever find on this book

The publisher is offering nearly 60% off. $20 for the print version (insane), $15 for the eBook, and $25 for both (crazy!). Here’s that link again.

Thanks for letting me share this with you – I’m really excited with how it came out, and I hope you find it really helpful for falling in love with your flash. :)

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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