My Quick Interview with Moose Peterson About The Release of “Captured”

The amazing Moose Peterson spent a few days at our offices last week, and I snagged Moose for a quick interview about “Captured,” his just released book on wildlife photography (produced by Kelby Training), and how it came to be. If you’ve got a quick sec, check it out below. A big congrats to Moose on creating what I truly believe will be the landmark book on wildlife photography. has it in-stock now, ready to ship. Barnes & has it available for pre-order. Should be in bookstores any day.

  1. SOLD! Guys just from this snippet the book does as you say, look amazing.
    Hands up I’m not a Wildlife photographer but every now and again I get this urge to just take off for a day ‘away’ from it all and do something different, and it’s a day shooting wildlife that I’m drawn to.

    This book is definitely on the list of ‘must have’s’ so Moose thanks for taking what must have been an inordinate amount of time to put it together; without question it’s been well worth it as this book becomes ‘the’ book for anyone interested in this genre of photography.

    Best wishes to you,

  2. I’m waiting for it to come out on – will grab it when it is available there.

    @Moose – Moose, if you are reading this, thank you for mentioning the bit about “Time”. There are lots of talented people out there who are gifted in one way or another, but also others (like myself) who love the craft of photography, but are struggling hard to find our way out of suck-land. Its so easy to get discouraged and wonder “what did I miss? how do i move from suck to mediocre and beyond?”. The reminder about time is very encouraging. :)

    (hope “suck” is not considered offensive language for this blog)

  3. I received my copy of Moose’s book last week. I began thumbing through it and then after a quote caught my eye began reading. Wow, what a book…what a story teller. My short review is on my blog at the link above. Like everything else that is associated with you, Scott, this book is a Must Have!

  4. Looks like another book from Kelby Media that I need to add to my collection! If Moose’s book is anything like David Ziser’s book on wedding/portrait photography, then I’m sure it will become the “bible” for shooting wildlife.


  5. I’ve seen Scott excited about things before (he almost gets as excited as me!), but I’ve rarely seen him THIS excited about something, so it MUST be something good! I’m going to get it because of that and because I really enjoy seeing Moose’s work. I’m not much of a wildlife photographer, but I want to do more of it.

  6. One of the things that really gets me is Scott’s unwillingness, or inability, to come right out and say what he’s thinking. Can you stop beating around the bush and tell us if you like this book or not?

  7. Scott:
    I hope you use your great skills at convincing people to write a book to convince Jay Maisel to follow Joe and Moose and write a book that will go down in history. I have talked to him about doing it but he needs someone of your stature and resources to get him to finally sit down and do it. The photographic community would be in great debt to you if you could pull it off. Jay represents an essential component of modern photography.

  8. If we won your contest on twitter early this summer for the copy of this book how do we go about getting it? I am so excited to get the chance to check this out it looks great.

  9. Scott,

    I received Moose’s book from Amazon last Friday. I can’t put it down!! The technical stuff is great but the story of Moose’s professional and personal growth, especially in his early years as he and Sharon struggle with family and profession, is an added bonus. The photos are fantastic and Moose’s description of gear setup is excellent. It’s also very interesting to me to note the evolution of the gear he’s used over the years. Great Nikon history lesson!!

    Congrats to Moose and congrats to the Kelby group for producing this great book! It will be a photography classic much like the Joe McNally books.


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