Nashville Rocks!

How can you not love a town that has rocking chairs in their convention center!!!

Man, did we pick the right city to kick off my Photoshop for Photographers tour!!! The people in Nashville ROCK!!!! We had such a fun day (and nearly 300 photographers from all over Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky showed up), and they were the most fun, most gracious, and just downright into-it crowd you could possibly ask for to kick off a tour. I loved every minute of it, and met some really great, down to earth photographers. Thanks for the warm welcome Nashville!!!

On to Philadelphia on Friday and then New York City on Monday!
I hope you’ll come out and catch my new tour. LOTS of cool new stuff to share!! Here’s all the details: 

Hey, whatdayasay we give away two tickets each to Philly and New York!
If you’d like to attend either my Philly seminar on Friday, or New York on Monday and can’t afford to go, just leave me a comment here, and tonight I’ll be two people for each city to come and spend the day at the seminar for free.

Hope I get to chance to show you all the cool new stuff I’ve been working on in Photoshop (and the amazing stuff in CS6), in just a few days. Have a great Tuesday everybody and thanks again to everybody who came out to join me in Nashville (including my buddy Big Donnnnnnnnnn Jones!), I sure had a blast (and I hope you did, too!).

  1. Well Mr. Kelby it was GREAT to have you! Thanks for the seminar. I’m actually up late working on some of my photos in the new Photoshop CS6. Enjoyed it and good luck with the rest of the tour. 

  2. Good morning Scott, wish I could have attended, you are the one of the very best teachers. I truly enjoyed every lesson in Moab last year. Hey, got your new book, which is awesome! Started reading yesterday and some of the pages are coming loose. I am sure it is something I did but this is a first with one of your books. 

  3. Hi Scott, I Have followed you for a few years, go to all seminars. But can not go this time. I would love to go again? Hope to see you in Philly. Thinks, Pete Giordano 

  4. Hey Scott. Trying to get back into photography after a bit of a hiatus. Learning a ton from all the folks at Kelby media and the teaching at Kelby Training is great. Would love to come to the Philadelphia seminar. Thanks, Jerry

  5. My comment has nothing to do with Nashville, although I love Nashville … picked up the new Photoshop CS6 book yesterday… speechless… it’s HARDCOVER man! Soooo stoked! Having been in the publishing biz for 20 years and seen lots of decline in style and beauty this is a HUGE encouragement. Oh, and its a good book as well.

  6. Hey Scott, boss won’t pick up the tab and therefore, won’t let me pay for it and head out there either. So getting a seat would be doubly awesome!

  7. Scott, it was great having you in Nashville. You were a joy to listen to while you shared numerous ways to improve our outflow of work. While there was a large room of people, you made time for everyone and it seems like a very small initimate gathering. Good luck to you on the rest of your tour. 

  8. Scott — you did a helluva job in Nashville!!!  It was GREAT!!!!  And it was great meeting you too!!!  ((And don’t forget the pink hat.  You may have to get your own because the more I think about it, the more I want to venture a guess that your daughter may not like the idea of dad wearing any of her pink hats.)  :)

  9. Scott, if yo keep going Northeast your next seminar will be either in the Atlantic or in Boston. But personally I would love to join you in Philadelphia. Unfortunately my job views my photoshop passion as a nice to have not a must have. The only way I could attend is if I win the tickets. Bret Rigby

  10. Oh what an awesome opportunity this would be. I would love to join you in Philly for your seminar. Pick me Pick Me :) Seriously thank you for the chance and what a great thing you are doing for those of us that just can’t part with the funds at this time.

    Danielle Martin

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