Some Shots From My “Not My Reunion Gig”

If you’ve been following the saga of “Not my Reunion” here on the blog (see late last week), or over at Kalebra’s hilarious G+ posts about it, here are a few shots from the reunion on Saturday night (photos by Brad Moore). 

(Above: That’s me back in the back — 3.4 miles from the front of the stage. I can usually only been seen through the Hubble telescope. This is one of the many reasons shortly after high school I switched to keyboards. LOL!!!). Photo by Kalebra with her trusty iPhone.

(Above: That’s Tony McMahon on lead guitar. He’s a really smoking guitar player — even was back when we were teens. He has a Hawaiian Lei around this neck. I never found out why. That’s Dean Erskine behind him. You don’t want to play him in golf. He owns a golf course. Literally. He’s been playing since he was nine. Leave your wallet at home. He plays a pretty mean banjo, too!.) Photo by Brad Moore.

(Above: A close-up of Tony’s Gibson Les Paul in action. Photo by Brad Moore).

(Above: here’s a shot of the whole gang. From L to R: Tayloe Harding on Keyboards. Mike “Big Dog” partially obscured by mic stands and things on Percussion,  that’s me back in the South 40; Tony McMahon on Lead Guitar, Tim Colton on Bass, Dean Erskine on Guitar and Banjo on Eagles songs, and Joe Mathein on Lead Vocals (sitting in for our original lead singer Angie Aparo) . It’s possible we’re not a “pretty boy” band. ;-)  Photo by Brad Moore. 

(Above: A good clean shot of me chopping wood in green and blue.  Photo by Brad Moore. 

(Above: Here one of me right before we went on, taken by my sweetie with her “Trusty iPhone.” I wore a Marshall Amplification t-shirt while playing the drums just to throw off the people dancing. ;-)

My wife Kalebra was such a great sport for coming yet again to another “Not my Reunion” and covering the event live on her G+ page (which was almost as much fun as the gig itself). Plus, Brad Moore totally took one for the team by coming out and getting some shots (Thanks Braddo!).

It’s been five years since our last reunion, and since we’re all older than dirt, who knows if we’ll ever get the chance to relive our high school classic rock band days again, but for that one night we got to laugh, play louder than we should have, and the sweet sound of cowbell filled the air during “We’re an American Band.”

A great way to spend a Saturday night back in my home town seeing old friends and reliving some of the best times of my young life. Thanks guys, I had a ball. Now, can I get my guitar and keyboards and move back up front? ;-)




    1. Hey, it’s not a Suit Jacket — it’s a sports coat, with the sleeves rolled up no less. That look was very big in the early 80s, and I’m old as heck, so on some level, it was somewhat, but only partially appropriate (well, for an old guy anyway). 

  1. Thanks for sharing these shots, Scott.  Looks like you guys had a blast reliving the glory days.  Brad did a great job taking photos, considering the venue and the lighting.  How the heck do you play drums with the sport coat on?  I would figure you’d be more comfortable in a sleeveless t-shirt….and maybe a headband! :P

    BTW, I just started watching your new Travel Photography class on Kelby Training…..and it rocks!  Another great training video!  Love the equipment choice section and the do’s and don’ts.  I can already tell this class will be worth the yearly KT membership alone and I can’t wait to watch the rest.  I’m sure I’ll use the tips during the trip to PSW Vegas.  Thanks for doing this!


  2. I love the shots, mainly because I always enjoy watching Big Electric Cat at Photoshop World each year. Do you know the Vegas venue yet?  I can’t wait to attend my 5th PSW. I have learned so much since my first. Thanks!

  3. Hi Scott, I did not know you were part of our drum brotherhood. Just like your training, I know that you are an expert at kicking the drums. Yamaha..hmmm, nice kit.

    I started many moons again with a red Rogers kit and now I have a cellar full of Premier and Pearl kits. 

    Stick Control and all your photo books are what I read daily. Now back to Lightroom and Photoshop tuning.


  4. These are fabulous pictures Scott, and I’m glad you set the drums up so you could be seen!  You know, I’ve heard that some drummers actually have a little platform so they can be seen from the audience but I guess that’s not gonna happen with Phoenix!  Loved your wonderful licks and it was terrific meeting you and Kalebra (she’s so gorgeous and seems so nice!).  Now I’m off to check out your professional venue as I am an amateur Photoshop user!!

  5. Scott – photoshop 10 lbs off me please…..make that 20….
    …as always – loved rockin’ out with ya like the old daze… thanks for joining the Phoenix insanity once again…
    …one of these days I’ll tell u about the Lei
    …more cowbell!

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