New Class: Classic Text Effects in Photoshop CC

Classic Text Effects in Photoshop CC with Dave Clayton
Join graphic designer extraordinaire, Dave Clayton, for a deep dive into some stunning text effects inspired by classic designs from the ’50s, ’70s, and ’80s. Have some fun reverse engineering TV and movie text effects from shows like Stranger Things and Ready Player One to retro looks from the ’50s. If you’re a typography fan or just wanting to learn some new tricks for designing text then this class is for you!

In Case You Missed It
Take inspiration from good design and make it your own. Join Dave Clayton as he takes you into Photoshop and demonstrates how you can start with an existing design and build on top of it to make something completely unique as a tool to help you learn and improve your craft. When you learn an instrument you play other people’s music, when you learn to cook you use other people’s recipes, and it is no different when you are learning design. In this class, you’ll learn how to find inspiration, extract from PDFs, add vector images, incorporate stock photos into your design, work with templates, as well as tips and techniques for adding all the final touches needed to create a complete design.

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