We’re just over a week away for the Worldwide Photo Walk (It’s Saturday, October 6th). It’s all coming together, and thanks to our friends from Canon USA (official sponsor of the 11th annual Photo Walk) we have some quick video tips today from Canon Explorer of Light, Rick Sammon on how to get some great shots during the Photo Walk.

Note: If you haven’t signed on to a photo walk near you (they are in over 900 cities around the world), head over to the official Photo Walk site and sign up to walk with us a week from tomorrow (it’s free and open to everybody!).

Thanks, Rick!!! :) :) :)

Make sure you follow Rick on Twitter and Instagram – he has a really fun account (especially if you’re a photographer who loves music).

I’ll be back on Monday, and my plan is to share some of my photos from my Travel Photography workshop in Rome, which wrapped up on Tuesday this week.

Have a great weekend everybody!



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  2. This will be the first Photowalk I’ll miss since you started them a few years ago. I’ve always got a few good pics too. I’m bummed that I’ll miss it but I fly out the Monday after for a 5 day workshop with Moose Peterson in the Grand Tetons. I’m totally stoked about that one!!!

  3. Hi, its very helpful article for me. I hope you will publish again in the future.
    Thank you !


  4. […] P.S. On Friday I shared a bunch of quick video tips from Rick Sammon on how to make the most of your photo walk, including what gear to take. If you missed it, here’s the link.  […]

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