New Class: Fantastical Compositing

Fantastical Compositing: Combining Multiple Images To Create Fantasy Fine Art with Bret Malley
Learn how to do a family portrait with a magical twist! Join Bret Malley as he teaches you all the steps, from shooting to post processing, needed to create your own fantasy fine art composite. Bret takes you through the gear he uses, his process for pre-production, how to communicate and work with the subjects, his lighting setup, how to photograph each element of the composite, and then how to bring it all together in Photoshop. The first half of the class is a live shoot where Bret creates all the pieces, and in the second half he teaches you his tips and techniques for creating a seamless composite that brings your imagination to life.

In Case You Missed It
Matt Klowskowski goes behind the scenes with commercial advertising photographer Joel Grimes as he walks through every aspect of creating stunning sports composite portraits. This class is perfect for an intermediate or advanced photographer interested in sports portraits and composite photography.

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