New Class: How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel with Serge Ramelli
Learn how to create, nurture and grow your own YouTube channel with Serge Ramelli! Serge has the largest YouTube channel for Lightroom on the Internet, and he’s built it from the ground up. In this class Serge shares his 10 best tips for being successful on YouTube. You’ll learn the importance of publishing regularly and frequently, the gear you’ll need to publish, the most important elements of getting noticed and going viral, how to actually post your content, and so much more. Every artist has a voice, and YouTube is a fantastic way to grow your business and be successful!

In Case You Missed It
Learn how to get started as a concert photographer with Adam Elmakias! Adam is a music photographer based in San Diego who got started in the business at a young age and has learned the ropes from spending time in the trenches with bands on the road, and in all kinds of venues. In this class Adam will teach you all the tools you need to be a successful artist today, from how to get a photo pass to the importance of networking, and from how to build your brand to how to find balance with social media. The photo industry is constantly changing, and one of the most important things you can do is position yourself to be an influencer within your photographic community. Adam addresses all of these points and so much more!

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