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Adobe Photoshop CC In-Depth: Compositing and Masking Hair Made Easy
Gain a solid foundation in compositing by learning how to select and mask hair in Scott Kelby’s newest class, Adobe Photoshop CC In-Depth: Compositing and Masking Hair Made Easy! Selecting objects with hard edges is a breeze, but being able to realistically mask all kinds of hair is what takes real skill. In this class Scott builds up your masking arsenal by demonstrating a number of different masking techniques, step-by-step, so you’ll always have the right technique for the job at hand. Any good composite consists of being able to select the subject, remove edge fringe, match the tone and color of the background and subject, and then unify all components together to make it look realistic. By the end of the class you’ll learn different ways to handle each step of the process, and be well on your way to creating great looking composite images.

In Case You Missed It
Time to let the dogs out! Join the fabulous Kaylee Greer, a private and commercial pet photographer based in Boston, as she shows you how to capture the best dog photographs you’ve ever taken. In this class Kaylee works with four different dogs in different locations, ranging from the local park to the local animal shelter, and shows you her tips and tricks for engaging with her subjects to bring out their unique personalities and create portraits their owners will love, or that can help a shelter dog find a forever home. The locations and lighting are not always ideal, so Kaylee teaches you how she works with whatever situation she finds herself in to locate those hidden gem spots that provide the perfect backdrop for your dog. You’ll need to be prepared to get down on the ground and make silly noises, but the effort will show in the fantastic photos you can create.

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