Photo Recipes: Dramatic Light
Discover a cool recipe for a dramatic lighting look with Scott Kelby! Join Scott as he shows you, step-by-step, how to configure your camera, arrange the lighting, position the subject, and create a very nice, yet dramatic lighting look. You’ll learn the full process, from the initial setup to the subject direction to the retouching of your best photos at the end, and all throughout the class Scott shares additional tips and tricks to help you nail the shot when you try it on your own. This look can be achieved with studio strobes or speedlights, and Scott discusses the gear you’ll need for both situations, so there’s no reason not to add this recipe to your bag of tricks.

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  1. Looks like a great starting place – I have very little experience with indoor lighting. Would be awesome to win a month (or talk my family into giving me a gift subscription)

  2. The title has “Recipes” in it… hope we get a few. Would love to win a one month subscription. If not I am about 2 months from having to buy it anyway.

  3. Thanks Scott for another good lighting class. I had already started watching this one before seeing your blog post. I haven’t finished yet but already love it. Keep these lighting with processing classes coming.

  4. graet, I always like new classes. You can never learn too much.

  5. I can’t find the class on the mobile app. I tried finding it by selecting Scott Kelby as an instructor to filter the list to all Kelby’s classes but it doesn’t show up. Nor did I find it under any of the subject categories in the drop down list.

  6. Looking forward to watch this class. So much to learn and get inspiration. Love my membership by now, and would love to expand it with the free month.

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