Under the Milky Way with Dave Black: Lightpainting & Photographing Stars
Dave Black is back! Join Dave for some lightpainting under the stars in Mono Lake and Bodie Ghost Town. Dave starts off with a walk through of all the gear needed for lightpainting before taking us through the importance of a site survey. Over the course of six different shoots in a variety of locations Dave shares all of the steps and settings needed to create stunning lightpainted starscapes. Each lesson is packed with tips, tricks, and lessons learned from Dave’s decades of experience. Dave is a master teacher, and his love for creating these photographs is truly infectious.

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  1. I’d like to try out the Kelby training for a month.

  2. Dave Black rocks, huge fan ever since watching his first light painting class.

  3. Big fan of Dave Black! I’d love to check out this class!

  4. Light painting would be a blast to do and I bet that Dave Black would make it so much easier to do a great job the first time after watching his video.

  5. Please help me improve by giving me a trial access to your vault of knowledge!

  6. I’d like a free month…

  7. […] I'm very enthused by this class. I have dabbled with light painting but I'm ready for more…better…more dynamic.  […]

  8. I’m trying my hand at different genres of photography and I’d like to learn more about all kinds of photography to find a genre which captures my interest

  9. Would be great to learn about night shooting and light painting. Cool.

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