New KelbyOne Class Bundle: Compositing Effects – Vintage Texture Design AND Human Torch Unmasked!

Compositing Effects Bundle: Vintage Texture Design AND Human Torch Unmasked with Corey Barker

This week brings another creative bundle from Corey Barker!

Learn how to use textures to affect the look and feel of a design. In this first class Corey breaks down a design project with a distinctive vintage look that was made entirely in Photoshop. Starting with a range of photographs that serve as both design elements and sources for textures, Corey demonstrates the steps he followed to create the final project. From isolating each design element from its original background to layering them all together to create a completely customizable and fully editable effect, Corey teaches you techniques you can apply to projects of your own.

In this second class, you can learn cool new compositing effects! Here, Corey takes you step-by-step through the process of adding creative particle effects to a photograph to transform it into a realistic looking scene of a man bursting with fire. Using a variety of source photos for compositional elements and textures, Corey demonstrates techniques involving brush effects, layer styles, selections, and more to create the final realistic result. Be sure to catch the bonus lesson at the end on how to animate a particle effect.

In Case You Missed It: Hollywood Effects Bundle with Corey Barker

Take your Photoshop creativity to new levels by exploring Hollywood style compositing tricks with Corey Barker! In this class Corey teaches you how to create amazing effects using layers, brushes, masks, selections, and other Photoshop tools while building a movie poster. This project will expose you to a variety of techniques and give you a lot of ideas that you can use in other projects. Corey steps through the project from the base image to the background, and all of the cool atmospheric effects and textures that bind the final image into a masterpiece!

And don’t miss this fun project from Corey that creates a 3D scene from a flat 2D piece of art while exploring a certain part of movie history. Corey provides the original 2D art so you can follow along as he explains and demonstrates each step in the process. By the end of the class you’ll have your own version of the 3D scene and a new set of Photoshop 3D techniques that you can use in your own creative projects.

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