New KelbyOne Course – Portrait Photography: Mastering Hard Light with Frank Doorhof

Portrait Photography: Mastering Hard Light with Frank Doorhof

Master hard light in the studio! Join Frank Doorhof in his studio to learn what you can do with smaller light sources to create dynamic photographs with stunning shadows that are the hallmark of hard light. In this class you’ll learn how to use reflectors, grids, flags, projectors, gobos, and more to light your subjects as creatively as your imagination allows. Frank wraps up the class with some retouching examples to demonstrate his approach to enhancing his photos to finalize his original vision.

In Case You Missed It: How to Shoot Portraits in Any Location with Frank Doorhof

Join Frank Dorhoof on his home turf in The Netherlands to learn how to shoot portraits in any location! Learn how to create amazing looking photographs in your own backyard or wherever your travels take you. Using just a single strobe and one light modifier, Frank takes you through a series of location shoots around his home town of Emmeloord. From open country roads to the banks of a canal to the wall of a building across the street, Frank takes you through each of his lighting set ups, posing techniques, and framing to show how to create photos with drama, emotion, and interest regardless of where you are located. Frank wraps up the class with a series of lessons highlighting aspects of his post processing workflow to create the final looks he was after.

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