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It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always. This week I write from California on my first trip to the USA since the ’thing’ happened, and it’s great to be here!

When I arrived I joined friends and was treated to a tour of the Big Sur area along Highway 1. The whole experience was a reminder of where my passion for travel photography comes from.

After a failed relationship and finding myself alone about 12 years ago, thats when i decided to find out who I actually am and get out to see the world that I’d always wanted to see. I started small, taking short flights to nearby European cities that I deemed worthy of exploration. These trips triggered something inside me and I suddenly realised who I was.

The same sensation comes over me when I explore, even after racking up more air miles than I can count and visiting a quarter of all the countries in the world.

The power that’s unlocked in our minds as inquisitive photographers has remarkable qualities. Exploring new places and finding the angles and compositions that show our vision and develop our skills is so rewarding. There’s something about seeing and shooting an unfamiliar location that we don’t get when we shoot a place we’ve visited before. It’s good for our mind and our creativity, and now the world is truly opening again for travel I can’t wait to explore more. Give it a go and see what happens to your photography as a result. Fine new places, and show them the way you see them.

Much love


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