Guest Blog: Live Music Photographers You Should Know

As a live music photographer, I love to keep up with other photographers’ work to stay inspired. I could easily put together a list of people who have helped and inspired me along the way (like Alan Hess, Adam Elmakias, David Bergman, Todd Owyoung, and so on), but today I’ll share with you some photographers’ work you may not already be familiar with.

Michelle Grace Hunder

Based in Australia, Michelle’s portfolio features amazing live images that evoke a full range of emotion, as well as incredibly striking artist portraits from the studio and on-location.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Greg Noire

The words that come to mind when looking at Greg’s work are “clean color,” because his combination of composition and use of color are just that. I also love that his portfolio scrolls through a progression of color. His black and white work is fantastic, as is his portrait work.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Ashley Osborn

If you follow live music, you should already know Ashley. But if you don’t, now you do. Billie. Selena. Olivia. These are just a few of the artists she’s worked with recently, and that’s not even her tour/live work. Add Twenty One Pilots, Blink 182, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, and a ton of others to the list once you get to that body of work. Ashley has long been one of my favorites, and now she can be one of yours!

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Andy Barron

I first discovered Andy through his work with Switchfoot, and he’s since gone on to tour with a number of other artists. He’s currently working with Chris Stapleton, and was even nominated for Favorite Tour Photographer in the iHeart Radio Music Awards! Always an inspiration, always creating beautiful work.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Anna Lee

Whether on tour photographing her artists’ sets, documenting their lives off stage, or in the studio making portraits, Anna Lee is always making great images! If you’re at a show and spot a photographer with blue hair, there’s a good chance it could be her.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

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