OK, Are You Ready for a Really Cool Contest?

It’s called “Expose Yourself With Scott Kelby” (I didn’t name it. I would have named it “Get nudie-nude naked and naughty with DJ Scott-Scotty K and the fully clothed nudists” but they voted it down).

Anyway, if you are picked as the winner, you win a Sony RX-100 Camera, so if you can get past the whole thing of having nothing on, this is awesome.

The contest is for photographers who want to share what they’ve learned with other photographer through a blog post, article, photo submission, etc. on InMyBag.net —-(in their words: “InMyBag.net is now a fully fledged photography magazine. In addition to featuring awesome photographers and their kit, we put a strong emphasis on including additional value - it could be a tip, a mini tutorial or general advice. Essentially, we're asking photographers to SHOW & TELL). “ 

Anyway, this month the folks at InMyBag.net are letting me pick my “favorite submission from the 10 most popular posts submitted and published between 1st July and 31st August 2014” (so get to writing — you could win!).

Here’s a link with all the details — I wish you the best of luck — hope you win the camera, and maybe even some clothes (hey, it could happen). ;-)

  1. Is this just for those who are successful?(again)…

    I would rather have you write a Q & A for my blog about what it is “really” like running K1! That would be a lot more interesting…IMO of course.

    How are you feeling after being “iced”?

  2. Who was the genius that decided to use a blacked out Hasselblad to publicise a competition that’s offering a completely different camera as the prize? Not misleading at all.

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