Shooting After Dark


SPECS: Taken using the same D200, and the same 70-200mm VR lens as the previous post, but I only pushed in to 130mm. I set the camera to Manual mode at f/22 with a 20 second exposure (which wasn’t enough. I should have stuck with 30 seconds). It was so dark outside by the time I took this shot, I had to take the Vari-ND filter off. In fact, it was so dark, my Auto Focus wouldn’t focus, so I switched the lens to manual focus, set the focus to Infinity, and crossed my fingers.

Dan, one of my students, offered to shine a flashlight on the falls to help my autofocus work. Even though it wasn’t bright enough for the auto focus to snap-to; it did light the falls just enough to help me make the moody picture you see above. I didn’t see it, but Dan says right after I took the shot, a large bat flew out from near the falls and made a beeline straight for me. I’m surprised I didn’t have a “Blurry Bird” in the shot.

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