On Location with Jeremy Cowart

Have you ever wanted to go on location with a world-renowned entertainment photographer and look over their shoulder while they’re doing a photo shoot?  This is your opportunity!

As you’ll see in the short promo video above, Scott Kelby takes you On Location with Jeremy Cowart in Venice, CA to see how he assesses an area, zeroes in on his frame, and makes the most out of a location in a short amount of time.  Using only one light and a reflector the entire day, Jeremy shows you how to capture unique images by utilizing creative compositions, textures, and shapes.

So hop on over to Kelby Training Online and catch On Location with Jeremy Cowart, Parts 1 and 2.  And keep an eye out for Jeremy’s next class where he shoots album artwork for a band on-location in Nashville!

      1. The man is quickly becoming a legend. Ken, can you let us know what you think of Scott’s post for next Tuesday? CAKB, I’m sure….. :D


  1. This isn’t really related to the subject, but what happened to the RSS feed? Why did it go from the full post (really useful) to 2 lines cut off with a […]? Totally defeats the purpose of my Google Reader. But I love the blog otherwise.

  2. Agree with Chase — DO.NOT.LIKE. having to click through to read the post. Loved it so much better when I could read the whole thing in google reader. Probably won’t be clicking through, so won’t read the blog much anymore I guess, rats.

    1. Are you kidding me?


      Sorry but that is like passing on a free ticket to a $100/plate dinner party every night because the hostess asked you to start picking up your own fork.

      Maybe I’m just not proud enough but I’ve been at this profession a long time and I would still work the kitchen for the occasional scrap someone left on their plate from this blog.

  3. I think my last comment is still in moderation. At any rate, for those wondering about the RSS feed, a few posts back someone pointed out that apparently the feed got hacked (no idea how), and Scott said he was on it.

    Just fyi, so we don’t get a whole bunch more comments about this.

  4. Hey ppl, you must watch those! Very good classes!
    Scott, I have a doubt, a 50mm 1.4 on a DX Body (D90) is going to have a similar bokeh and depth of field of a 85mm 1.4 on a full frame? I have a D90 and I don’t know if I should buy an 85mm and stay farther away or if a 50mm is going to have the same feel.


  5. Fantastic couple of classes! Really spoke to me about “looking for/composing shots” in whatever location.
    In fact I found myself near a couple of outdoor restrooms just yesterday…GOLD! :)

  6. I agree with Chase and Susan. I hate when blogs change their RSS feed to this type. It totally negates using an RSS reader. I usually just stop following those blogs, but I like this one, so hopefully you’ll change it back.

    1. How long do you think it takes Scott and crew to put this blog out every day? How long does it take you to click through?

      I personally like having the full text in my RSS too but maybe there is a good reason for the change, like say better tracking and feedback data for Scott to do a better job for us.

  7. The Jeremy Cowart classes were great. It was very interesting to see which spots he chose to use for shooting and why he chose them. I can see why Scott joined him in the video and kept firing questions at him (because he seemed like a quiet guy that wasn’t going to talk unless he had to, kind of like myself).

  8. I don’t plan on giving up the blog because I enjoy the content, but I have to admit I was also disappointed to see the RSS feed change to only show a teaser. It really interrupts the flow of using a reader (Google Reader, in my case). I generally only click through if I intend to leave a comment.

  9. This video sounds great! On another note, please change RSS format back. I come directly to the site to read comments anyway but I won’t be able to read the entire articles in places with no signal on my smartphone (i.e., subway, plane, hospital, etc…).


  10. Re: RSS Feed – There was a setting that was inadvertently changed during the last WordPress upgrade. That checkbox has been unchecked, and everything should be back to normal. Threat level has been lowered back to green. Carry on ;)

    1. Thanks, Brad! I was worried that the offices at Kelby Media would be attacked by people wielding axes, pitchforks and assorted stones by all the RSS feed comments from the last couple of days! We can all rest peacefully now… ;)


  11. This class looks like another winner. I love the fact that this course is all about using minimal gear. The person behind the camera does make all the difference.
    I really wish I could sign up and watch these classes, but, unfortunately, my broadband connection often doesn’t perform like one. Is there any chance these classes will be offered on dvd for those of us whose internet speed is not fast enough for smooth video streaming?

  12. Jeremy’s first class was excellent. Having Scott right there with him was like one of us being there, as he was asking questions of Jeremy that we would have asked him ourselves. Hope to catch this new video soon!


  13. I watched the Jeremy Cowart class in its entirety the other night. I must say it was one of the best classes I’ve seen on photography in a while. Both interesting and engaging.
    It is so cool to pick the brain of a pro photographer to find out what inspires them about a particular scene or location. Keep these “On Location With…” classes coming. Well worth the price of admission.


  14. Having worked with Jeremy first hand as an assistant, I am stoked to see his classes up on Kelby training. His low key approach but a great eye for the sense of the frame is amazing. Great to see this.

  15. Wow, I’m a newbie to the celebs of photography, I do my own fitness and exercise photography. I just came across this site by chance and it’s the first time I’ve heard of Jeremy Cowart – but wow, he is such a cutie. But anyway, do any of you know what kind of camera Jeremy is using?

  16. Fantastic videos – inspirational .

    Are the still photos shown during the video straight from camera or are they the processed versions – if so any chance we can get to hear about the processing used??

    Thanks gain for putting these up.

  17. Brad or Scott,

    What size and brand beauty dish do you use in the new Photo Recipes – Behind the Scenes?

    I loved it, by the way. Great information, great examples. Improved my photography immensely.



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