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Get Your Photos on the Web by RC Concepcion
Getting images on the web today could not be cheaper or easier–if photographers just knew how. But they don’t need to learn coding, design, programming, or scripting anymore. They need to know where to go to get the tools they actually need, and how to put it all together. In his brand new book, Get Your Photos On The Web, Rafael “RC” Concepcion provides what so many photographers need as he lays out a step-by-step plan for exactly how to do it.

You can see a preview of the book over at Amazon, which includes Scott’s foreword where he talks about how the idea for the book came about, the table of contents, and some of the opening pages. The copies we send out from here will be signed by RC himself for everyone who pre-orders his book from KelbyTraining.com, or you can also order from Barnes & Noble. Go place your order today!

iPhone Book
If you’re picking up the long-awaited Verizon iPhone today, you might also find Scott Kelby and Terry White’s The iPhone Book helpful!  Place your order with Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Also, check out the 10 Must Have iPhone Apps for the New Verizon iPhone Owner!

Photoshop World
If you’re looking to attend Photoshop World Orlando, you only have a few weeks left to save an extra $100 off the registration price. The Early Bird Deadline is Friday, February 25.

If saving an extra $100 isn’t motivation enough, we’ve created some great deals as part of our Gimme Five! promotion.

Whether you’re looking to get a free Speed Pass or attend an $89 pre-conference workshop for FREE, you’ll have the chance to enhance your Photoshop World experience with one of five hot deals from Monday, February 14 – Friday, February 18. Stay tuned to PhotoshopWorld.com for more info on these amazing deals!

Valentine’s Day Sale
Nothing says “love” like Kelby Training Books and DVDs, so we’re having a Valentine’s Day sale starting on 2/11 through 2/14! Check out the amazingly sweet low prices on select DVDs and books over KelbyTraining.com starting tomorrow.

Kelby Training Live
Dave Cross
is bringing his Photoshop CS5 Power User Tour to Tampa on February 17, and Richmond, VA on February 21!

Ben Willmore is coming to Salt Lake City on Febrary 23 and San Jose on February 25 with his Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished Tour.

You can register and get info on these and other tours over at KelbyTrainingLive.com

A Photo Assistant
If you’re a photo assistant or looking to get into assisting, check out APhotoAssistant.com for some great articles with tips and advice. It’s managed by Tim Olsen, a guy with more than 10 years experience assisting on all sorts of different types of shoots.  As he shares stories from his various experiences, there’s always something to glean that will help you next time you’re on set.

That’s all the pimpy for this week.  This is Brad, signing off! Have a great day :)

  1. Hi Scott! I’m a long time reader of your blog via the RSS feed. Over the past few days I’ve seen that you’ve changed the feed to only include an excerpt of your post instead of the full blog post. Why the change? And could you please change it back? Pretty please? :)

    1. Hear, hear! The new abbreviated RSS feed is pretty much worthless – a painfully truncated bit of text with no images! You can’t even tell what the post is about much less whether it’s one you want to read completely. This site is going to fall off my radar completely, sooner than later, not because I don’t want to know what’s going on in Kelbyville but simply because I don’t have the time to browse to each and every post to check them out. Big mistake.

  2. RC’s book sounds like an extension to one of his Kelby Training classes on this subject. His class really helped me out. I’m curious if the book covers adding a portfolio to a blogsite (specifically like the portfolio here on Scott’s blogsite). I think when Scott’s portfolio was changed to the current version that I remember seeing RC write that he would cover how he did it in an upcoming class, but I don’t remember ever seeing it in a class.

    1. Im pretty sure all of that was coverd on my Kelby Training Class, Portfolio Power.

      However, if you do still have a question, just let me know here, and I can see about trying to answer it in a video.

      Happy to,

      1. Thanks RC! I had watched your WordPress training, but I must not have ever watched the Portfolio Power one. I’ll definitely check it out. I was mostly wondering which plugin or program you used for Scott’s portfolio (and then maybe wanting to know how to use it, unless it’s easy to figure out on its own). If the Portfolio Power class covers it I’ll find it there. Thanks for all you do to help everyone out.

      2. Trask:

        I was wondering the same thing and asked this on Scott’s blog replies a couple of days ago. It’s a really great “look” for Scott’s portfolio (and RC’s). Wonder if it’s described in his book…..RC?


      3. I finally went and read Scott’s intro at Amazon. I didn’t know the story of how you came to work for him, so that was great to read. I look forward to getting the book.

      4. John,
        I just got the chance to watch the class that RC mentioned (titled: Portfolio Power). The name and location of the flash component can be found in the lesson called “Flash Components – A Quick Overview”. Now I just need to find the time to completely follow along with the class and redo my portfolios. I can’t wait though. Thanks again RC!

  3. Really can’t wait for RC’s book to be out. Sounds like it will be very cool. Just reading the introduction by Scott and the first few pages of his book on Amazon will make anyone anxious to get their hands on RC’s book.

    Thanks for all the pimpy, Brad!


      1. Looks like I have a reutrn then I wanted to getthe book and be able to setup my phone first from the get go..
        since Im gonna have to wait a few days to get the right one do you have any advice..

      2. Terry,
        In the next book, please expand the index. I just bought the book tonight (I got a Verizon iphone today) and there are things missing in the index that I know must be in the book. It is well written, I just don’t have the time to read it cover to cover. Thanks!!

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