Our New Show “The Grid” Launches Next Monday @ 12:30 PM EST

It’s official: The Grid, our brand new LIVE talk show about Photography, Photoshop, and anything else remotely related is launching next week.

You’re invited:

When: Monday, March 7th, at 12:30 pm EST
Where: KelbyTV.com/thegrid
Cost: Absolutely Free. Every week.
Rebroadcast: Free, and available whenever you’d like to watch.

Please feel free to bring a guest. Or two thousand. ;-)

We want you to be a part of the discussion, and share your thoughts live on the air via Twitter and our direct online chat.

Also, each week we’ll have an in-studio guest, as well as some friends chiming in on the topics via live video feeds. I can’t wait.

I hope you will join us on Monday, and in the meantime I would love it if you would help us spread the word about the new show on Facebook, Twitter, your Blogs, and wherever you can. :-)

See you Monday on “The Grid”

  1. Hey Scott,
    This sounds just like the thing I need to share with my Digital Imaging class tonight. I keep telling the students that in order to get better, they need to study, practice, make mistakes, and above all look at the work of others.
    Thanks for another avenue to learn.
    You continue to amaze me ;)

  2. Hi Gang:
    OK, I messed up the information on this post about as much as I possibly could. So sorry about that.

    The show is ACTUALLY airing at 12:30 PM each Monday, starting this coming Monday, March 7th (I had originally posted 12:00 noon, on Monday the 8th, and that date doesn’t exist for a few more years).

    Also, I posted the wrong Twitter account, and I probably had a typo or two as well. I blame it on the cold weather in Colorado. ;-)

    Sorry for the confusion (my fault). On Friday, I’ll have a reminder post with all the updated details, live links, and all that stuff.

    Many thanks,


    1. Don’t worry about it, Scott! We’ll be there no matter what time (or year) The Grid airs. Maybe you can take off the mittens now that you’re back in Florida…it makes it easier to type. :)

      You know, you could have just blamed it on Brad. None of us would have been the wiser……… ;)


      1. Anytime, Brad! Scott said that it’s all about the love this year!

        You knew that “Fall Guy for all of Scott’s mistakes” was in the job description when you took the assistant’s position, didn’t you? :D


  3. Scott,
    If I understand you, we will send questions via twitter? This won’t have a log in like Go-To -Webinar? I guess being flash I can use my iPad to as questions via twitter while watching on my computer.

  4. Cool to see the link for The Grid on the Kelby TV website. Getting closer!

    I did laugh at the November 30, 1999 date as the latest update, though! That was a Tuesday. We all know that The Grid is on Mondays!! :D


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