Hi Gang: Mia McCormick sits down with one of my all-time heroes of sports photography, the legend himself, Peter Read Miller for his impressions of the recently announced Canon 7D Mark II. If you got a sec, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Also, I shot two games this weekend using the 7D Mark II for my main and secondary bodies (weekend loaners from Canon — just early demo units — not the final shipping version), and I cannot wait to share some shots with you here tomorrow from the Vols/Gators and Falcons/Giants games, so make sure you stop back tomorrow for my field report.

Hope you guys have an fantastic Monday (I know, that’s an oxymoron) even if your team lost this weekend (all my teams lost. Ugh. But there’s still a faint hope for my Fantasy Team â” I’m in third place in our league).



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  1. Thanks for sharing Scott! I can’t wait to see photos from the two games you shot. In the mean time, any quick feedback? Was it amazing to shoot with the Canon 7D Mark II?

  2. Sweet!! I am a HUGE Gator fan…can’t wait to see your shots!!

  3. After reading the headline, I was expecting more than marketing fluff. This discussion was directed toward my mother, not real photographers. I’m hoping Scott’s own review has a little more meat.

  4. Asking the same question again and again and getting the same answer…could have been half the length.

    Looks like great camera though!

  5. I’m hoping that Scott Kelby will have a little more insight than just the high level marketing rah rah that we pretty much already knew.

  6. I want to see someone freaking post some real life stadium/night time sports results. Stop with the ISO 100 bright beach volleyball. Let’s see some night football, soccer, hockey…that is what I shoot constantly. Heck most NFL games indoors that I shoot are F3.2, 1/1250, ISO 2500-3200. NHL is pretty similar. Let’s see someone shoot that and give their REAL thoughts.

  7. Hey Scott.

    Great 7D report! Thank you.

    You said the pre-release camera had 24 mp. Was Canon working on a more advanced 24 mp sensor? Is the 20 mp sensor in the production camera a tweaked 70D sensor?

    After watching your review, I placed my 7D2 order!

    Also, Kelbyone has been a huge help for me. Very well done.


  8. Scott I purchased my T3I three years ago with the standard (now don’t throw rocks) 18-55 3.5 and a 55 to 250 3.5. Sometime after the first of the year I would like to purchase my first real piece of glass. We live in East Tennessee 20 mile from Tremont and Cades Cove. Your books are my go to books. My interest is primarily nature, but I also have 11 grandchildren. I know it is a dangerous question, but would you suggest one that could help take me to the next level? Merry Christmas, Bruce

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