Photographers: If you want to see something really beautiful this morning…watch this 3-minute video

This is stunning. So clever and beautifully done. It’s a project from photographer and filmmaker Arthur Cauty and I don’t want to spoil it for you, but these images are stills and he uses light-painting and astrophotography together in a wonderful way (and he put the entire project together while in lockdown over in the UK). This will start your week off right. :)

Happy Mother’s Day To All You Awesome Moms Out There

I know, I missed it by a day, but mom’s are such an awesome force for love in our world, that I didn’t want to let it go by with giving them all a virtual hug.

Two great moms! My wife Kalebra with her mother Barbara, who is holding a Mother’s Day gift Kalebra make for her — it’s called “My top 100 reasons why I love my mom.”

Our own children are so lucky to have Kalebra as their mom. The cool thing is, they actually know it. From a dad’s perspective, it has been a blessing to be able to witness her “momming” these past 23 years since our son was born, and she brings an incredible amount of joy, teaching, laughter and fun to all of our lives. Here’s to all the awesome mom’s everywhere — they are a very special gift to us all. :)

Here’s to what could well be a fantastic week! Stay safe, everybody. :)


P.S. Thanks to everyone who attended my online “Book Chat” Saturday night. It was…well…it was chatty, I’ll say that. LOL!!! Glad so many folks stopped by, and thanks to my publisher Rocky Nook for helping to make it all happen (though at this point, they probably want to disavow any connection to me whatsoever). 😂

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