Hi Gang, and happy Friday!

I finally I posted my images, and the story of the trip, over at exposure.co (that’s the photo storytelling site I’ve been using for a few years now — it’s a wonderful way to share a trip like this).

Here’s the link

Thanks for letting me share some of my photos from the trip with you. :)

Hey, I’m in Minneapolis next Wednesday, and then Milwaukee on Friday doing my seminar – hope you can join me.



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  1. Hi Scott, amazing photographies of iceland. Vik is so a wonderful place ! Your picture reminds me good memories. thank you ! :-)

  2. Hi Scott, those images are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us. I would love to go to Iceland one day. It’s on my list. :)
    Have a great weekend,
    Mark R.

  3. Hi Scott — Your images are wonderful. And I loved hearing about your trip and how much you enjoyed the experience. I was kind of over hearing about how great Iceland was, but after reading through your blog and looking at your images, I totally want to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Scott,

    Great to see your Iceland photos. I have gone there the last two years to take photos as it is a photographer’s paradise, and was curious why you hadn’t gone. I was hoping to someday see your take on it and the photos look fabulous.

    Seeing your photo of Dyrholaey reminds me of the walk I took from the rock spires on the horizon in your photo up and down the beach to the rock structure in the foreground. It takes longer than it looks :)

    Can’t wait to see where you are off to next.

    • I bet that was a hike down there. I thought about it and said…nah! :) I bet it was beautiful down there, though. :) Next stop – Venice, Italy and the Dolomites Mountains! (God willing) at the end of this month. :)

      • Amazing pics Scott!
        I picked up my first DSLR a year and a half ago and Iceland was the first destination right after getting bitten by the photography bug.
        If only I went through your videos, tutorials and tips a bit earlier, before going there… ;-)
        No other choice left, but to go back after learning some more from your great lessons!
        By the way, I come from a small town not too far from Venice. If you (and other readers too, of course) would like few tips to regain energies after shooting:

        “Al Timon” (good for Italian “aperitivo” and you can dine there too)

        “Osteria Alla Vedova” (appreciated by both locals and tourists)

        “Antica Adelaide” (historical little restaurant that kept its old charm, a must)

        I promise, no cousins, friends, or other relatives will benefit from this ;-)
        (people from Venice may have other opinions and places to suggest, but these are mines if it could help)
        Enjoy and bring back some more nice photos!

  5. Very nice. I especially like the waterfall with all the rich green surrounding it.
    I’ve never taken a picture as good as any of these, and convinced I never can… so I’m selling my gear tomorrow and taking up knitting. (actually I already knit anyway).

  6. Beautiful! – love the house with the grass roof under the cliff! You’re very dedicated to get up so early for landscapes (thought sport shooters like to sleep in before a game ?)

  7. Adobe does not support the 5D mkIV. How did you process the images? – Thanks for the intro

  8. Beautiful set of images! It’s hard to believe just HOW MUCH you managed to see and capture in only 3 days!

  9. Very cool images! I went around the entire country via motorcycle with two friends last August and absolutely fell in love with the country. Can’t believe you didn’t check out the abandoned plane – it’s about 20 minutes from Skogafoss! I got a pretty cool shot of it while we were there…

  10. Fantastic photographs, I was there earlier this year (when it was an awful lot colder and snow on the ground) and the sights were spectacular. You’ve captured them brilliantly and now I just want to go back again. :-)

    But (there’s always a but!), every time I scroll through I keep seeing the small spot of dust/dirt at the top of this image – https://scottkelby.exposure.co/three-days-in-iceland/photos/3074811 just thought I’d point it out to you!

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