Camera Essentials: Canon 5D Mark IV with Larry Becker
Get up to speed on the Canon 5D Mark IV! Join Larry Becker as he shows you around one of Canon’s newest cameras on the market today. In this class Larry will teach you about all the settings that matter most, the key features and functions, and help you get going quickly with tips and insight about the specifics of using this camera for both stills and video. By the end of the class you’ll be familiar with all of the buttons, dials, and menus you need to know to get the most out of this powerful camera.

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  1. The class on the 5D IV is not showing up on kelbyone site when I sign in, only Larry Becker’s 80D class.

  2. Unable to find this class? I have searched under courses, equipment, and instructors “Larry Becker” but no luck…. I’ll check back latter in the day..

  3. When will the class be available? It’s not on the site.

  4. Talk about a tease…still nada on the site.

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