I’m way, way overdue for sharing these images from my trip to Morocco (and you thought my post about my Lisbon trip shots was late), but I finally got a chance to get a Spark page put together with them. Thanks for everybody that asked about them, and that has been so patient as well.

I shared the images, story, and behind-the-scenes shots using Adobe Spark Page. Here’s the link. 

Thanks for letting me share these images with you. :)

Have a great weekend everybody (and I have a trailer for you to watch below if you want to learn some cool stuff this weekend).



P.S. If you could learn Photoshop in an hour…would ya? Of course you would – let’s do it this weekend. Check out the official trailer below: 

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  1. Great shots in Morocco. I just got a Platypod and am getting my feet on wet in using it. Its a great a idea. The low prospectives really help bring drama to the shot.

  2. WOW on the black and white and red pair of photos. WOW. Nice trip – This McCaskey is he of Bear’s connection ?

  3. Great photos Scott. My inquiry, which I hope is not inappropriate for this blog, is about Spark. I’m curious about it since it is newer and I have little experience with it. I have seen you post many stories with Exposure as well and I guess I am wondering about the differences, why one over the other, how it works and what all it can do. Maybe you could do a post on these types of “photo/story telling” digital tools. I will look for some on-line tutorials, but thought I would ask since I value your common sense approach. Again, really like the photos (especially the older gentleman looking at the camera).

  4. breakfast we were severed…….. take a peak….
    Chris in KY

  5. Great series of images.
    Thanks for making the efforts to share.

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