Happy Friday, everybody. OK, before we look at this tutorial, you should probably look at this tutorial. It’s one I wrote today over at the other site I write – LightroomKillertips.com and it’s on how I went from the flat out-of-camera original image to the image we’re going to do a finishing move upon in the video you see below. So, if you want to go see how I got to here (without any presets, plug-ins or HDR), here’s that link again.

OK, now onto a Photoshop Finishing move I use often on interior shots like this (it’s super easy to do!).

Hope you found that helpful.

One more thing!
If you missed our Photoshop World Alumni-only Webcast last night, we’re rebroadcasting it at this link (if you haven’t been before, wait for our public “Here’s what Photoshop World” webcast is – this one was just for people who have already been, so we only cover all the cool new things, and not the things new attendees would want to know. Thanks.

Have a great weekend everybody!



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  1. Nice!! I watched the tutorial on Killer Tips … it was great! Determining what’s wrong with the photo to begin with is a great teaching moment for me. Keep’em coming!


  2. As an alumni, I never got the notification email with the website.

  3. Excellent tutorial, need more such simple editing tips to make flat images to fabulous ones, Thanks lot again. Sorry not able to reach any of your conferences physically because of the distance, time and money issues. Anyway like to see many more of online tutorials like this one.

  4. Love these “little” tips, makes all the difference!!!

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  6. Pictures are so much more interesting when there’s mood and I find making some effort in post like this helps to create the feeling for others that you experienced when you were there. Cause let’s be honest, the camera alone can’t make the picture as beautiful as you did. And I appreciate the scene, the place, immeasurably more with some post. Thanks for the tip,, sure to use it soon.

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