Photoshop Insider “Friday News Nuggets”


Happy Halloween everybody!!! Here’s some quick news nuggets:

  • If you’re in New York this weekend, check this out; Jay Maisel is giving his incredible talk on “Light, Color, and Gesture” at 1:00 pm on Sunday, Novemember 2nd, at B&H Photo’s Event Space, in their Headquarters at 420 9th Ave. in New York City. The talk is free, but space is very limited. More info here.
  • Matt and I have been “gently teasing” (wink) our Photoshop User TV co-host and good friend Dave Cross, because he’s uses the Bridge rather than Lightroom. We’re totally (mostly) kidding him, but he got us back this week by creating a “Bridge Rocks” t-shirt for Adobe Bridge users that is actually very cool (that’s it shown above), and best of all; you can actually order one yourself through Cafe Press. Here’s the link to Dave’s daily blog with more info (while you’re there, make sure you check out some of the stuff Dave’s been posting lately, including his popular “Finish the Sentence…” series, with his latest interview from David Hobby).
  • The voting is done, and on November 3rd we’ll be announcing the winners of the “The iPhone Book, iPhone Photo Contest” While you’re in the ‘iPhone” mood, if you bought my new book, “The iPhone Book” (co-authored with iPhone guru Terry White) at Barnes & or, it wouldn’t hurt our feelings one bit (it’s as cheap at $16—perfect Holiday gift, eh?) By the way; don’t forget Friday is “iPhone App of the Week” day at Terry’s Tech Blog (here’s the link to that).

That’s it for today folks, have a safe Halloween—hope you get lots of yummy snacks, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. -Scott

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