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Happy Thursday everybody! Before we kick into this, I want to thank Tim Grey for his inspirational Special Guest Blog post yesterday. I love reading the comments posted by readers, and if you read the one’s posted for Tim’s post yesterday, you can see that his creative insights got a lot of people thinking. Well done, Tim! :)  Now, onto the news:

  • First, thanks to everybody who came to spend the day with me in Orlando yesterday learning Lightroom 2. I was up late the night before tweaking every aspect of the workshop, and it really paid off, as I was able to cover more ground, and actually only ran over by 3 minutes. The crowd in Orlando was just a blast to present to, and I was also very lucky to have both Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion there helping me field one-on-one questions during the day. Also, Michael Tapes (of Instant JPEG from Raw) made an appearance, and gave me some mini-Whibals to give away (I used one during one of my live shoots), and this was my first gig with Brad Moore assisting me, and as expected; he kicked butt (photo above by Brad). Best of all; we had a really great day! Thanks again to everyone who made me feel so welcome.
  • Crash Taylor has a really fascinating interview with the grand master of wedding photographers, David Ziser, which includes photos, and some of the most in-depth, and intriguing  interview questions I’ve seen in a while. I know David fairly well, but Crash’s interview brought out some new things out I didn’t know. Very well done. Here’s the link.
  • Congrats to mega-photographer Joe McNally, whose German translation of his book, “The Moment It Clicks,” (called “Der entscheidende Moment” in German) was just awarded the prestigious German Photography Book Award (The silver medal), which is awarded for outstanding photographic quality, a superior aesthetic overall impression as well as pre-eminent photographic technique and background information. A hearty congratulations to Joe on his now “Award-winning” book!
  • Today is “Back up Your Lightroom Catalog Thursday,” so if you’ve been hitting the “Skip” button when it asks if you want to back up your Catalog, go ahead and invest five minutes right now (right this minute) and have it back-up your catalog. It may save your butt one day.

Have a really great day, and I hope you’ll drop back by again tomorrow. :)

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