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Cliff Mautner Bootcamp
Adobe Max
Scott Kelby Mega Bundle
Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Bundle
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Bill Fortney’s Close-Up: An Introduction to Macro Photography (Trailer | Class)
– FREE Nik Snapseed

  1. As a previous Cliff Mautner Lighting and Skill Set boot camp attendee, I am happy to mention that it is well worth it: it is an extremely enjoyable, fun learning experience where Cliff offers an open book approach and shares many available light methodologies, enabling your photos to have more texture, dimension and mood. Highly recommended for those wishing to take their skills to the next level and pursuing an individualized style.

      1. Hi Carrie – The normal price for Snapseed is $4.99 on iTunes. Hope you’re enjoying it immensely – stand by for more goodness coming your way… ;-)

        Kevin (from Nik Software)

      2. yes, Kevin you are right. I was typing too fast this morning. I do love the program even though I paid for it.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding a Macro Photography class to Kelby Training! And to have Bill Fortney teach it is an added bonus. The man knows his stuff.

    Great price on the Mega Bundle. Too bad I already have one of the books. I’ll pick up the new one in Boston at Ben Wilmore’s PS seminar in October.


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever left a negative comment on here before, and this really isn’t that negative, just a personal preference. While I enjoy the video segments Kelby does (D-town, The Grid, Etc.) I really miss the all-type version of Pimpy Thursday. Yes, the video version is funny sometimes, but I really liked the copy version that I could scan. I appreciate the helpful information, its just the format. Now, I feel like I’m watching an infomercial instead of a friend sharing some cool info. Plus I can’t watch the video while other things are going on. But I CAN read a post with the TV going or sitting in a coffee shop. Again, this is a personal preference. Scott you always produce quality and I appreciate that.

    1. I spend most of my day behind a firewall where all social media, streaming media, etc. are blocked. Can’t watch these videos. I much preferred the written pimpy Thursday posts as I could follw them. Now I mostly miss them becuase of other things I choose to do when on an unconstrained network connection.

      I can also consume the written post faster than the video post. Can’t believe it’s faster and cheaper to make the video post either – the script has to be written anyway, the set made, lit, someone to operate the camera, more than one take, editing and a bigger file to post.

      Video’s nice but I don’t think it’s necessary. Certainly not a value add to me as a consumer.

      Just sayin’.

    2. Hi Jonathan:
      Ya know, I think I agree with you, and this may have been the last Video Pimpy Thursday. I thought people might enjoy it more if it was a video, but sitting to watch a video for three minutes in the middle of a busy day might not be the best idea. Hey, it was worth a try, eh? Also, thanks for the feedback, and especially for delivering it in a way that made me really consider it. Most people just don’t. :)

      1. Scott,
        I’m glad you took it in the spirit it was given. I think you and your whole crew do a fantastic job at everything you do. I’m glad you try new stuff, its what keeps me coming back for more. Keep it up.

  4. Mega Bundle is on order now! Bill’s class is awesome, can’t wait for the 2nd installment!! And I’ll have to watch last week’s Pimpy to be sure, but I think that Pete’s singing voice may be trumping Scott’s. Just sayin’.

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