Quick Tips for Using a Wacom Tablet


Our own Photoshop Guys, Corey Barker and Pete Collins, share some cool tips on using a Wacom Intuos5 Tablet (and why it’s their go-to tool for photo retouching and editing). At the end of the video they announce an exclusive $50 off discount on the Wacom Intuos5 Medium-size Tablet exclusively for KelbyTraining.com and NAPP Members (this $50 off makes it the best price Ive seen anywhere on this tablet).

The offer (only valid at the official Wacom online store in the USA only) expires June 23rd, 2013. Members can find the Discount Code either on the Kelby Training site (http://kelbytraining.com/) or on the NAPP Member Site:


My thanks to Wacom for making this deal available to our members and subscribers.

  1. Hey, Scott! Is the discount code only applicable for the Medium Intuos? I have an Intuos 4 Medium , but would like to pick up a Small version of the 5 for my laptop (easier to transport). Thanks!

  2. I got to say I am new to tablets and I got the Medium Intuos5 through my school, was provided in my package. Going to school for Video Game Art, and I have to say so far it is amazing, the amount of features it has is a little daunting but thats a good thing in it’s own way. Your tips were amazing, do you guys have anymore, I’m still getting used to tablets, right now I’m pretty much doing everything with it that I would normally use the mouse for.

  3. I have buyers remorse. I bought a Wacom Ituos 4 and find it adding a huge level of difficulty. I’ve wasted more time with this #%$#$ thing. Saying you can’t do that with a mouse.. well, I’ve done quite well with a mouse. I’m still trying to figure out the value of a tablet. These things are not cheap. If I had to do it over again, I would not no way do this. I nearly screwed up Lightroom using the tablet and the only way I could restore what I had was unplugging the #$%$ thing and going back to my keyboard and mouse. I like to do things that SPEED UP and IMPROVE my workflow, not slow it down and make unintentional mistakes. Sorry, not for me.

      1. Intuous 4 medium. Pen, holder, case, and mouse. I’m going to try to sell it through Adorama first… see how that works out.

      2. I went back to the Intuous 4 again to give it another shot. Man, I cannot for the life of me understand why any of you would waste time with this. To get anything on the pen to work, I had to use the eraser. The tip, I have no idea what that is for because it sure doesn’t do anything on my tablet. I’ve learned not to experiment on any photos I actually want to keep. It got in a loop with one photo going around and around.. I had to use my mouse to get out of it.. which begs the question, why not use the mouse? Sorry, I just don’t get it. My bad luck because I spent a ton on this damn thing.

      3. OK, better news. I went back and totally deleted all the software, then re installed the new drivers. I can now see how this is supposed to work with the tip end. I still don’t trust it on anything important yet. Now I might get the small intuous tablet and touch, probably something more appropriate for me.

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