RC Creates a Norman Rockwell-esque Santa Photo

My buddy RC Concepcion created this absolutely wonderful shot of his adorable daughter Sabine sitting on Santa’s lap and I thought it was the perfect shot to share with you guys as we head into Christmas weekend.

I think his post processing on the image really gave it that painted look and perfectly suited the image. To me, it really has that Normal Rockwell look, and well…I thought it was just lovely all the way around. :)  [Thanks to RC for allowing me to share this with you].

Here’s wishing you all the joys that His season can bring, and I hope Santa’s sleigh has everything on your wish list this year!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

-Scott and all the crew here at Kelby Media Group

  1. Wonderful shot!! Is that SK dressed as Stanta?? Just kidding.

    Could it be possible for RC to share with us how he did this wonderful shot?

    Regards and Happy Holidays!

  2. Scott, I saw the photo before I read your text and also thought of Rockwell! Awesome photo and thanks for sharing, tell RC awesome photo too! :)

    Hope you, your family and everyone at Kelby HQ as a very Merry Christmas!!!

  3. This is very cute, RC and all that seems missing is a Coke bottle :-P
    You know how your eyes is drawn to the brightest part of an image? I’m finding those blown highlights quite distracting, but it’s probably just me.

  4. That is a gorgeous shot! RC did an amazing job! I’m guessing that wasn’t shot at a mall right? Because you don’t get that kind of light in a mall.

    Scott, any chance you may have another $50 off Kelby Training as a Christmas Eve special?! Just got a bonus from the studio I work at, and would love to have another full year of training. Thanks Scott! Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family :)

    -Brian (The guy who told you to check out the Chinese Democracy album at your Indianapolis, IN Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It seminar)

  5. Wow! Terrific image, RC, and thanks Scott for sharing it with us. Sabine obviously loves the camera as much as it loves her. I’m sure she is off the wall with Xmas coming. She’s at that great age where everything is magical.

    Here’s hoping that all of you at Kelby Media have a joyous holiday season! Thanks for all you’ve done for me this year.


  6. I will echo the request for RC to post his Post-Processing steps. And echo the fact that is it one awesome photo and post-processing job. I love learning things like this. One of my favorite things to do. So, when it makes sense (Guest Blog Wednesday?) to have RC walk us through this (video anyone?), I and I’m sure countless others would love to have RC share some of that genius.

    Blessings & Merry Christmas,

  7. Without doubt that is an excellent shot, RC. Rockwellesque for sure, if you ask me. Scott, one day you must have this gentleman do a walkthrough of the creation of this shot.

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