Really Big Things Are Coming From Us On Monday, Plus…

……you’ve gotta watch this short video from me and the NAPP crew (it’s just one minute, 59 seconds), about our massive free CS5 training launch on Monday, plus how you can win a Free Adobe Photoshop CS5 Upgrade (we’re giving one away every day next week)—and a whole bunch more, including some brand new online stuff that you’ll totally love (Shhhhh), and you’ll know the whole scoop in less than two minutes:

Click here to watch the video on your iPad or iPhone!.

  1. Well, it’s a long way to The Netherlands but i’d sure like to win a CS5 upgrade ;-) I got some signed books from Scott and had a little chat with him @ Utrecht last month and i hope that if i win the upgrade he’ll sign it. Wow … a CS5 copy signed by Scott Kelby … a collecters item. Maybe it will be as popular as the iPad ;-)

      1. Hi Ken,

        I don’t think anyone said it was confusing. Distracting and overblown, sure. :-)
        And I’m a designer/photographer/illustrator too, not that that makes me a video expert. We’re just expressing my/our opinions.

        Trev J.

    1. I was going to send a comment about that but I thought I was just being an old motion picture guy and figured (apparently) tripods were out of date.

      Thanks for starting this. I agree, free CS5 or not. Especially since I never win anything anyhow.

  2. Ok, so before this video I was excited but now I’m reeeaaalllly excited!!!

    This is surely set to be one heck of big launch having had a few sneak peaks at what’s going to be available.

    Exciting times ahead!!!

    Cheers Guys :)

  3. AWESOME! Love the video too, looks read good on an iPad. I see you have used Vimeo to put it up. Thank You for doing this. I must say too, that the place holder is not there for the video but when I click on it, it takes me to Vimeo and then plays beautifully.

    Tom Quinn

    PS. See you in Chicago tomorrow!

  4. Wow – after seeing some of the “hints” of whats to come, I CAN’T WAIT. Winning a copy of CS5 would totally make my year. I like the idea of Scott and all the guys signing it also. Monday where are you????

  5. I think there is a huge conspiracy going on that NAPP is at the center of. The conspiracy is focused around improving the economy by making me spend money. First there was Photoshop World in Orlando last month. Come on, no one can say NO to going to Photoshop World!! Its freaking awesome! Then there was the keynote at PSW combined with Big Electric Cat playing at the After Hours Party. While these things seem normal at first, a week later I found myself in a Guitar Center buying new electric guitars for both my daughter and myself. I am convinced this was due to the subliminal messages in the keynote. At least that is what I am telling my wife. :) And now all this talk about CS5 and NAPP’s CS5 learning center…. ARGH! You’ve got me sitting here with my credit card waiting to buy CS5 the second it is released along with a renewal of my Kelby Training subscription. Its a conspiracy I tell you!!!

    In all reality, I think it is awesome NAPP is on the ball with the CS5 learning center. Just another reason why I continue to hold the opinion that NAPP is without a doubt the worlds leader in Photoshop training. Keep it up!!

    1. So you mean Scott is to blame for me wanting to replace my old Line 6 AxSys 212 with something newer?

      Actually, I’ve always thought that someone could really do well providing online music training using the same approach as I’m up for learning something new to play.

    2. Terry, I said no to PSW (couldn’t make it) and I won a guitar this year from Scott.( I will have to admit I did buy a lot of stuff this past year). An yes, I did by both versions of the IPad…..OK there is subliminal messages but man I love it (addiction).

  6. Hi Scott,
    And now for something completely different..; I have a question that has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but…I went to Professional Imaging in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, and saw your presentations, they were great, I like your sense of humour! In your Photoshop tips&tricks presentation you explained how you can make a ‘fake panorama’ to create a banner, but you talked too fast for me (-:.
    I searched on the internet but couldn’t find any information, also tried things in Photoshop CS4 but couldn’t work it out.
    Could you explain again how you do that? Pleaseplease…(-:

  7. I am a CS5 Beta tester and you will absolutely be blown away with some of the new features. Can’t wait till I get my hands on the retail copy. …. and I able to test because I was a NAPP member. Just another benefit of NAPP. Thanks, guys.

  8. Interested to see what is in store for cs5. Wondering how the free upgrades will work? Do you have to tweet or do all NAAP members get their names thrown into Scott’s hat?

  9. I am so mad because they only will start shipping next month… What is all the hype for if we can’t get our hands on it… OK, I pre-ordered, but it still sucks that they make all that noise for an application that is not even shipped or about to ship…

    Bad Adobe… very bad… not customer friendly at all….

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