Report from Gate 69, Airside E

Amazon's bestselling software list

OK, this was designed to be a report from Gate 69, Airside E, but they started boarding my flight to LAX earlier than I expected, so this is now “News from Row 11, Seat C” (hey, it’s an aisle seat with an empty seat beside meâ”I’m not complaining). :-)

  • Interesting tidbit about how popular Lightroom is becoming: On’s list of bestselling software titles, Adobe Lightroom ranks as the #3 seller (the Photoshop CS3 upgrade is #4, and the Photoshop Elements 5.0 is #6). Pretty amazing when you think about it. I know one thing; Lightroom is crazy popular in LA, as my Lightroom seminar tomorrow now has nearly 800 people signed up in advance. If you’re out that way, and want to come out and catch the day, you can register at the door. (Next stop: Boston. Here’s the details).
  • Video and Photoshop guru Richard Harrington has just released the third edition of this landmark book “Photoshop for Video.” I got my hands on a copy yesterday, and it is without a doubt the most comprehensive book I’ve ever seen on the topic. Rich teaches a number of sessions on the Video Track at Photoshop World, and I can tell you he’s as engaging as a writer as he when he’s training live, so if you’re into learning more about Photoshop for Video, then absolutely pick up a copy (here’s a link).
  • I’ve talked a number of times about how cool (and very unusual) it is for a company the size and scope of Adobe to be hosting public blogs for their product managers and engineers. I love those blogs, because they give you an insight in Adobe, and a peek behind their walls, that you just don’t get about anywhere else. Well, they’ve taken things up a notch, as John Loiacono (Adobe’s Senior VP of their Creative Solutions Business Unit, better known as “Johnny L” to anyone who’s caught his fascinating and fun keynote presentations at Photoshop Las Vegas last year, or in Boston earlier this year), who has his own Adobe Blog (it’s now part of my daily blog visit list), and he’s posted a blurb about CS3’s buzz in the marketplace, and the eco system and community that has sprung up around Photoshop (he also talks about his experiences at Photoshop World, which is cool (For me, anyway). His blog, and his latest post, are definitely worth checking out, but beyond this one post; my hats off to Adobe for opening this direct pipeline to their customers, and to Johnny L himself for taking the time to address us all directly.
  • We posted some more photos from Photoshop World Boston, and you can check them out by clicking here.
  • I saw this on Dave Cross’ blog, and I had to pass it onâ”it seems that Dave has found an online printing service (called Printing XXL) that will print a free poster-sized print for you just for trying their service (which Dave just did). It doesn’t appear that there are any strings attached (which is cool), except that once you see your photos at poster sized, you’ll probably be hooked. Here’s the link to Dave’s blog for more details.That’s it for my report from Seat 11C. I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll have some photos to post from the event (my buddy Dave Moser is with me, and as always he brought his camera). If you’re coming to my seminar tomorrow and you’re a reader of my blog, be sure to stop me and say “hi.” :-)
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